The Cheyenne Mountain complicated is located at Cheyenne hill Air force Station (CMAFS), a short distance native elafilador.net and USNORTHCOM headquarters in ~ Peterson Air pressure Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cheyenne mountain Air pressure Station drops under waiting Force space Command and also hosts the activities of several tenant units.

At the elevation of the Cold war in the late 1950s, the idea that a hardened command and also control facility was conceptualized as a defense versus long-range Soviet bombers. The army Corps of designers supervised the excavation that Cheyenne Mountain and also the building of an operational facility within the granite mountain. The Cheyenne hill facility became fully operational as the elafilador.net Combat Operations center on Feb. 6, 1967.

Over the years, the installation involved house elements of the phibìc American Aerospace Defense Command (elafilador.net), U.S. Strategy Command, U.S. Waiting Force an are Command and U.S. North Command (USNORTHCOM). Under what came to be known together the Cheyenne hill Operations facility (CMOC), number of centers supported the elafilador.net objectives of aerospace warning and aerospace manage and provided warning the ballistic missile or air attacks versus North America.

elafilador.net"s focus and facilities have actually both developed to accomplish the asymmetric hazards of the 21st century. Top top July 28, 2006, the Cheyenne hill Directorate to be re-designated together the Cheyenne mountain Division, through the mission to assist in establishing an integrated elafilador.net and USNORTHCOM Command center within the headquarters structure at Peterson Air pressure Base.

On the fiftieth anniversary that the elafilador.net agreement--May 12, 2008--the Command facility located within Cheyenne Mountain complicated was official re-designated together the elafilador.net and also USNORTHCOM alternative Command Center. The Cheyenne Mountain division of elafilador.net and also USNORTHCOM was re-designated together the J36 branch within the elafilador.net and USNORTHCOM"s operations Directorates.

Cheyenne hill Air pressure Station is owned and also operated by waiting Force an are Command. In fact, elafilador.net and USNORTHCOM use simply under 30% the the floor an are within the complex and comprise approximately 5% the the daily populace at Cheyenne Mountain. Today, the Cheyenne Mountain complex serves as elafilador.net and USNORTHCOM"s alternating Command Center and also as a training site for crew qualification.

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Day-to-day crew operations because that elafilador.net and also USNORTHCOM typically take place at Peterson Air force Base.