Chick-fil-A isn"t precisely well-known for their side dishes. Sure, their waffle fries are phenomenal, and also we love the kale crunch salad once we"re craving an ext superfoods in ours life, but we don"t generally hit their drive-thru because that the sides. That is, till they announced the mac and also cheese had actually a permanent spot ~ above their menu in 2019. It features super soft macaroni smothered in a affluent sauce that rivals the mac and also cheese at most sit-down restaurants. This cheesy key is the perfect enhance to crispy chicken nuggets, or it"s hearty sufficient to eat top top its own as a meal.

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If friend can"t get enough of Chick-fil-A"s ooey, gooey mac and also cheese, we have actually some good news: We come up with a homemade variation that tastes just as good. You will certainly probably have to pick up a few ingredients — your recipe features five various kinds the cheese — however it"s simple enough to make and also is ready to fight the dinner table in as small as 30 minutes. Desire to know exactly how we came up v an practically identical copycat Chick-fil-A mac and also cheese recipe? check out on to find out.

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Before we began emerging our copycat Chick-fil-A mac and also cheese recipe, we took a peek at Chick-fil-A"s website to check out if they occurred to give away the recipe. While castle didn"t administer any quantities, lock did perform the specific ingredients we essential to get started. A couple of ingredients were apparent — macaroni, salt, and a blend of cheese — yet we to be surprised to see that they used nonfat dried milk rather of continual milk. ~ doing a fast test batch, we agreed that dry milk powder was the means to go: It had a lighter texture than the mac we made with real milk.

From there, us only had actually to round out the ingredients list through a few additions. The ingredient list consisted of both margarine and also butter, but we chose to use just butter in ours recipe because that simplicity"s sake. Chick-fil-A also uses egg yolk powder, which us couldn"t locate at the store, therefore we stuck with a liquid yolk instead. They likewise include wheat flour and a few seasonings (paprika, turmeric, and also anatto) because that color, for this reason we added those ingredient to ours list. The rest of the ingredients showed up to be preservatives, so we took a pass on items prefer xanthan gum, emulsifying salt, and also modified food starch.

You"ll find a complete list the the ingredient — and also the step-by-step indict — in ~ the finish of this article.

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We didn"t have to dig deep to know that Chick-fil-A uses multiple cheese in your mac and cheese. ~ all, their menu describes the items as containing a "special mix of cheeses including Parmesan, cheddar, and Romano." What us didn"t recognize was the there room two additional species of cheese had in the recipe: American and BellaVitano, a buttery, nutty cheese make in Wisconsin.

You could be tempted to range the number of cheeses earlier to one or two, but using all 5 really adds a ton the extra flavor and texture to your cheese sauce. Kitchen Conundrums describes that utilizing a mix of cheeses is a great way to get the wonderfully gooey texture that you love in a cheese sauce — that originates from the softest cheese, American cheese — while also achieving a rich, complex flavor. If you were to only use crumbly aged cheeses choose cheddar, Romano, or Parmesan, the sauce would end up grainy and also taste as well sharp.

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While countless online copycat Chick-fil-A mac and cheese recipes don"t use flour, we had it in our recipe. For starters, it"s contained on Chick-fil-A"s ingredient list, so us felt favor using flour to be a compelled step to create the many authentic copycat mac and cheese. We also know from endure in arising other cheese sauce recipes the a tiny bit the flour walk a long way to producing a stable sauce the won"t break.

It transforms out there"s some pretty heavy food scientific research behind beginning a cheese sauce with a roux — the mix of equal components flour and also butter that"s cooked until it no longer tastes choose raw flour. When you whisk milk into a roux, the flour"s starch molecules break open to absorb the liquid and thicken the sauce. This process also primes the strength molecules to act together a obstacle when the cheese melts, preventing the cheese native clumping and also ensuring the the fat won"t separate. That way your cheese sauce will be smooth instead of grainy or oily. Pretty cool, huh?

If you plan to do this recipe v gluten-free noodles, feel totally free to skip the flour. Take care to add the cheese very, very slowly, together it won"t have any kind of starch to protect it from breaking. The sauce won"t revolve out rather as thick and also smooth, but it will be close.

Before we acquire started, let"s talk about wildcard ingredient in this recipe: Egg yolks. It can seem prefer a an extremely odd enhancement to mac and also cheese, yet it"s actually a typical ingredient because that cheese sauces. Egg play a couple of essential roles that aid the sauce come together (and then, remain together).

Adding an egg yolk come sauces prefer cheese sauce is a an excellent way to thicken the sauce — i m sorry is necessary if you"re walking the gluten-free course — and also providing a affluent flavor. But the major reason to incorporate an egg in mac and cheese is due to the fact that of the egg"s ability to emulsify other ingredients, bringing together oil and water in emulsions choose mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce. It likewise works for creamy sauces, binding the fat molecule in the cheese come the liquid in the milk, staying clear of the sauce from breaking when it"s reheated. That"s crucial for a company like Chick-fil-A: us learned indigenous Redditors the the employees get already-made bags of mac and cheese, "squeeze out of bag," and reheat the in the oven.

To store the egg yolk from scrambling, it"s important to temper the egg before it goes into the sauce. Don"t worry; we"ll explain how to execute it when we gain to the step.

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Normally, we"d tell girlfriend to bring a huge pot the water come a boil and also follow the direction on package for al dente pasta. Yet we review an interesting theory on Todd Wilbur"s Top secret Recipes. He suggested boiling the macaroni because that 20 minutes, an ext than dual the recommended chef time ~ above the box. The idea is that the longer cook time enables the macaroni come absorb as lot water together possible, ensuring the won"t steal any extra liquid from the sauce once they"re tossed together. We assumed we"d offer it a try and check out if the concept was correct.

We boiled three batches the macaroni: one because that the box"s recommended eight minutes for al dente, one more for 12 minutes, and also a third for the full 20. We combined the cooked macaroni with the sauce and let that sit in the refrigerator for an hour. Sure enough, the 3rd pasta — the one that cooked because that 20 minutes — was our favorite. The pasta itself to be soft and also chewy, and the sauce hadn"t lost any type of of that creaminess. We were sold!

While the pasta is cooking, we"ll go ahead and also make the cheese sauce. Things space going come move quickly here, therefore it"s ideal to prepare by getting whatever ready through whisking with each other the water and dry milk powder to rehydrate the milk and grating all the cheeses. It"s okay to integrate the grated cheeses, however we recommend maintaining the American cheese separate.

To do the sauce, we"ll start by melting the butter in a huge pot end medium heat until it"s bubbly and also melted, about two minutes. Then, include the flour and also cook, stirring constantly, until the roux becomes frothy and smells nutty. Once the roux is ready, include the rehydrated milk and also bring the mixture approximately a simmer. After about 10 minutes, the sauce need to be nice and also thick.

Now it"s time come temper the egg yolks — a process that sounds intimidating however is really quite easy. Tempering eggs is just a fancy means of saying the we"ll slowly increase their temperature, keeping them indigenous scrambling once they struggle the warm milk. Ar the yolk in a tiny bowl and slowly pour in 1/2 cup the the hot milk, whisking constantly as you pour. As soon as the mixture is fine incorporated, add a second 1/2 cup of warm milk, repeating the whisking process. Now that the egg is warm, you have the right to whisk the egg-milk mixture earlier into the pot there is no fear.

From here, we"ll eliminate the pot from the heat and also get all set to melt the cheese into the sauce. You desire to work conveniently to store the milk indigenous cooling down also much, yet not so quickly that the cheese doesn"t have actually a opportunity to melt fully. Rushing this process too lot can result in a broken, oily sauce, therefore only include the cheese one handful at a time.

Start through the American cheese, i beg your pardon is the softest cheese and will melt the fastest. Add a couple of pieces of cheese in ~ a time, stirring constantly until it"s completely melted. Then, repeat the process by including another grasp of cheese till it"s all incorporated. When all the cheese is in, season the cheese sauce with the salt, paprika, turmeric, and also annatto. In ~ this point, the cheese sauce is ready to use, or you have the right to cool it under in the frozen refrigerator for later use. The flour and the egg yolk will defend the cheese sauce indigenous breaking together it cools and reheats.

We"re only including a few spices to our copycat Chick-fil-A mac and cheese recipe, and also they"re mostly consisted of to include coloring. The recipe only uses an eighth that a tespoon of paprika and also a pinch of turmeric and also annatto, i m sorry is barely sufficient to affect our mac and cheese"s flavor. Combining every three seasonings together add to a beloved orange hue to your mac and cheese that renders it look favor the genuine deal, however don"t feel choose you need to make an extra trip to the grocery save to gain them if girlfriend don"t already have castle on hand.

If you"re offered to including ground black pepper or white pepper to her mac and also cheese, you have the right to totally include it come this recipe. Chick-fil-A"s ingredients list doesn"t contain any kind of pepper, so we left it turn off the list, yet it would add a pretty peppery finish. While you"re at it, you could likewise make this cooking recipes your own by adding other spice enhancements like garlic powder, soil mustard, or cayenne pepper.

There"s only one an ext step before you serve your copycat Chick-fil-A mac and also cheese. Pour the cheese mixture over the cooking macaroni and also stir gently to combine. The heat of the cheese sauce should warm the pasta if it cooled if making the sauce, yet you could also reheat the mixture briefly in the microwave if the pasta was really cold. Then, section the mac and cheese into bowls and top them v a sprinkle of grated cheddar cheese.

If you"re a pan of baked mac and cheese, we"re i m really sorry to educate you that this isn"t the best recipe. Chick-fil-A"s mac and also cheese has a baked layer of cheese on top, so you could absolutely sprinkle some cheddar on your homemade version and also pop the mac and also cheese under the broiler to get a melty crust. The broiler would occupational if you desire to peak the mac with crispy bread crumbs, too. But baking this recipe for any length of time in the oven isn"t a great idea. The macaroni is currently cooked to its limit, and also it will revolve to mush with extr cook time. This sauce doesn"t contain sufficient liquid for the range either, for this reason the mac and cheese would certainly taste dry. Better to simply leave this one come a stovetop recipe.

If Chick-fil-A ever decides to discontinue this side dish, you"ll have nothing to fear: This cooking recipes is simply as good as the original. The sauce is creamy, cheesy, and packed full of smell — and also it has the perfect consistency to boot. Us were surprised at exactly how much we loved the overcooked macaroni, too. Twenty minutes felt like way too long, but it had actually the precise same texture together the restaurant"s, and it didn"t soak up extra sauce, maintaining the food nice and also creamy.

So whip up a batch that copycat Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets and honey mustard dipping sauce, heat up a next of this mac and also cheese, and also get all set to fool your friends into thinking they"re eat the actual deal. Don"t be fear to do a twin batch of mac and also cheese, either, for this reason you"ll have plenty for dinner and also lunch. Our leftovers reheated simply fine the next day, and also they made an incredible (albeit ridiculous) grilled buffalo chicken mac and cheese sandwich.

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If girlfriend can"t get enough of Chick-fil-A"s ooey, gooey mac and cheese, we have some great news: We come up with a homemade version that tastes just as good.