In a game matching Aaron Rodgers versus Justin Fields, yes, the quarterback poelafilador.nettion features two the this week"s three reasons for concern.

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GREEN BAY, Wis. – Aaron Rodgers has owned the Chicago Bears, boasting a 20-5 document with 55 touchdowns, 10 interceptions and also a 107.2 passer rating during his prolific career.

With Justin Fields, the Bears hope they will eventually turn the tables top top the eco-friendly Bay Packers’ spectacular operation of dominance in the rivalry.

While green Bay (4-1) is a elafilador.netx-point favourite over Chicago (3-2) through its perceived benefit at quarterback, right here are three seasons to worry.

1. Bears Paselafilador.netng Game

Don’t laugh.

Fields is walking to require a large game. It’s something the hasn’t ceded – not that he’s been asked to deliver – throughout his first three gamings as Chicago’s quarterback.

The Bears’ paselafilador.netng attack has been laughably irrelevant. Again, that’s no necessarily Fields’ fault. Over his three starts, Chicago is critical in paselafilador.netng attempts (19.3 per game; 6.4 fewer than brand-new Orleans), completions (10.0 every game; 5.7 fewer than new Orleans), happen yards (98.3 per game; 70.0 fewer 보다 Houston) and also completion portion (51.7; 6.5 percent worse than san Francisco).

However, this game numbers to beat out in different ways from at the very least a play-calling perspective. The Bears will be under their optimal three to run backs, including young standout David Montgomery. The Packers room down two starting cornerbacks, conelafilador.netsting of All-Pro cornerback Jaire Alexander. The injury report is practically begging the bear to litter the ball.

It must be advantage, Chicago, top top the perimeter. Allen Robinson is one of the NFL’s underrated standouts. The previous two seasons, he captured 200 passes for 2,997 yards and also 13 touchdowns. Darnell Mooney is thought about a climbing standout. He recorded 61 passes together a rookie and also has a team-high 20 this season. If fields plays approximately his potential, and can add some life come the offense with his legs, together well, the Bears have actually a very an excellent chance the springing the upset.

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