Bears kicker Cody Parkey to let go a potential game-winning ar goal after it dual doinked turn off the posts Sunday night in the NFC Wild map game versus the Eagles.

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With 10 secs left ~ above the clock, Parkey to let go a 43-yard ar goal to store the bears from taking a late success over the Eagles in the 16–15 loss. The sphere hit the left upright prior to bouncing off of the crossbar to fall onto the turf.

Parkey, who gone into the video game with 10 to let go kicks this season, to be booed as he ran turn off of the field.

After the game, Eagles defenelafilador.netve tackle Treyvon Hester revealed that he tipped the ball after Parkey kicked it.

The bears were eliminated from the playoffs v Sunday night's loss. The Eagles will development to the divielafilador.netonal ring to beat the Saints ~ above Jan. 13 in ~ 4:40 p.m. ET.



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