Duncan Keith opened up up the scoring and Patrick Kane sealed the deal as the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Tampa only Lightning 2-0 on video game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals for their 3rd title in six seasons.

Canadian press June 15, 2015, 10:53 pm
Canadian push June 15, 2015, 10:53 afternoon

CHICAGO – A puck off the leaf of a stick blade, an additional off the cross-bar. That was the difference between winning and losing when the margin of error was almost non-existent.

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After play on a tightrope for two weeks, the dam finally broke as the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Tampa bay Lightning 2-0 in game 6 on Monday night come win among the tightest Stanley Cup final collection in NHL background and capture their third title in the previous six years.

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To star winger Patrick Kane, this was even sweeter 보다 his first Cup in 2010 and 2013 ~ a lockout-shortened continuous season.

“It seems like it to be the hardest one,” Kane said. “We’ve been approximately once or twice so we know what to expect however we really reap these moments and also these situations.

“Who knows how numerous of these avenues come along? You always want to take advantage.”

The Blackhawks lifted the Cup in ~ United facility for the an initial time. They had to wait, however, together the trophy was delayed by weather and also needed a police escort to the arena. Chicago had actually not won on residence ice due to the fact that 1938 and also hadn’t actually obtained the Cup there due to the fact that 1934.

“We wanted it for each other, for the city,” captain Jonathan Toews said. “Winning a championship prefer this in your very own city in some means transcends the sport. Everyone wants to be a component of it.”

Fans didn’t leave for more than an hour ~ Toews lifted the Cup and also handed it come 40-year-old Kimmo Timonen, who gained to retire ~ above top. Castle sang come “Sweet Caroline,” some banged top top the glass and most merely didn’t want to leave.

“Full structure from when we had actually the Cup the end here,” forward Brandon Saad said. “It’s walking to be a hell of a city to success it in. Looking front to the parade.”

Conn Smythe trophy winner Duncan Keith scored the clincher on among the ideal individual initiatives of the playoffs, and Kane noted the exclamation suggest with a third-period goal. Keith to be the unanimous Conn Smythe choice.

“Best D-man through far,” stated Marian Hossa, who along with Keith is one of seven Blackhawks to be a component of all 3 championship teams. “He’s verified that over time. In this playoff he was unstoppable.”

In the final, Keith and also crew got major help indigenous goaltender Corey Crawford, who quit 151 the the 161 shots the faced, consisting of all 25 in video game 6. The outduelled Tampa Bay equivalent Ben Bishop, that was struggling through a groin tear experienced in video game 2.

The Lightning to be banged up throughout the lineup, however that was little consolation in defeat.

“We came below to success this and also we didn’t,” said captain Steven Stamkos, that did no score in the final. “Right now, the feels like we didn’t acquire the task done.”

Tampa Bay deserve to feel good about not being much off. Till Kane scored through 5:14 left Monday night, the Lightning and also Blackhawks were either tied or one score apart for the whole series.

“Think the easily might have been us on the ice celebrating,” Bishop said.

A video game 7 is the only thing that could have make this series more historic. Each of the first five games was chose by one goal for the first time because 1951.

The 23 purposes scored space the second fewest in #StanleyCupFinal history for a collection that went 6 games.

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As the collection turned into a fight of wills, Tampa Bay placed forth its final burst that desperation dealing with elimination. However with number of players dealing with noticeable injuries, the Lightning didn’t have enough to push back versus the playoff-tested and healthier Blackhawks.

“At this suggest I think maybe it was just a tiny bit that the endure that type of sweet over,” defenceman Johnny Oduya said. “Somehow once we beat the appropriate way, it’s challenging to beat us in 7 games.”

Surrounded by 22,424 fans at the structure nicknamed the “Madhouse ~ above Madison,” the Blackhawks celebrated the third Cup for Toews, Kane, Keith, Hossa, Patrick Sharp, Brent Seabrook, Niklas Hjalmarsson and also Bryan Bickell.

It was the very first for Timonen.

“I’m relieved, I’m happy,” the Finnish defenceman said. “I came earlier just to acquire one an ext chance. You can always dream about this, however you never understand what can take place in hockey.”

The Blackhawks confirmed anything have the right to happen, also in the salary-cap era. Fans counted under the secs to the last buzzer, “Chelsea Dagger” again played over the loudspeakers and also players and fans revelled to the sound of “Sweet home Chicago.”

“Once you carry out it once, girlfriend can’t wait to perform it again,” coach Joel Quenneville said. “It’s the biggest feeling in the world.”

Coach Joel Quenneville offers the Stanley Cup a kiss #StanleyCupMoments http://t.co/iR5073Mche

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The Cup to be delayed acquiring to the building since of weather, but when it reached the ice commissioner Gary Bettman got to congratulate the Blackhawks ~ above one more.

“That’s 3 Cups, 6 seasons,” Bettman said. “I’d speak you have a dynasty.”

Notes: previous Blackhawks defenceman chris Chelios, Cubs infielder Anthony Rizzo and also former White Sox star Frank cutting board were amongst those in attendance. … The Lightning reported 16,909 pan watched on the video clip boards at Amalie Arena earlier in Tampa. … Jonathan Drouin played just his second road video game of the playoffs together the Lightning pull on 12 forwards and also six defencemen.

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