The department of Public wellness (CDPH) weekly COVID-19 travel Advisory at this time includes 41 states and two territories.States are eliminated from the travel Advisory once they preserve a COVID instance rate below 15 every 100,000 inhabitants for at the very least two consecutive weeks.

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States and also territories not on the take trip Advisory:California, Conneticut, district of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico. As numerous as eight extr states or territories - Alabama, new Jersey, Rhode Island, south Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and also the Virgin archipelago - might come off the advisory following week, as their day-to-day COVID case rates are currently under 15.

The U.S. Average daily situation rate every 100,000 residents is 17.8 (20.4 last week). Illinois’ daily case rate at this time is 12.9 (13.2 last week).’s daily situation rate per 100,000 citizens is 10.5, down from 10.7 last week.

Under the advisory, unvaccinated travelers should be tested for COVID before and also after travel and also should quarantine upon arrival in


before travel, unvaccinated people traveling to a high-risk ("orange") state should:Get tested1-3 days before departure.While traveling:ALL people regardless of inoculation status must wear a mask top top planes, buses, trains, and other develops of public transport traveling into, within, or out of the united States and also while at home at U.S. Transportation hubs such together airports and also stations.In, undertake a mask in every indoor public settings, nevertheless of vaccination status.Avoid crowds as lot as friend can and wash her hands often or usage hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol).After travel, unvaccinated people returning native a high-risk ("orange") state should:Get tested with a viral check 3-5 work after travelANDstay home and also self-quarantine for a full 7 days.Even if you check negative, remain home and self-quarantine for the complete 7 days.If your test is positive, isolate you yourself to protect others from getting infected.If girlfriend don’t gain tested, continue to be home and also self-quarantine because that 10 work after travel.Avoid being roughly people who are at raised risk because that severe disease for 14 days, even if it is you gain tested or not.All travelers room advised after take trip to monitor themselves because that COVID-19 symptoms and isolate and get experiment if they build symptoms.

Returning residents and also out-of-state visitors arriving in are urged to obtain vaccinated and also abide by all continuing to be federal, state, and also local safety and security measures.

Adhere to masking rules: Masks are compelled on planes, buses, trains, and also other forms of public transport traveling into, within, or the end of the united States and also in U.S. Transport hubs such as airports and also stations.It is recommended the you lug a copy of her COVID-19 vaccination records while traveling.

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All travelers are advised after take trip to monitor themselves because that COVID-19 symptoms and isolate and get experiment if they develop symptoms.