FILE – In this June 6, 2021, file photo, police respond to a multiple fatality shooting in a house in Portland, Ore. The city has actually seen a spike in total violence in the past year and authorities to speak one factor is rise in gang activity. (Mark Graves/The Oregonian via AP, File)

(NEXSTAR) – as gun violence in Chicago continues to dominate national headlines, FBI data released earlier this main revealed violent crimes in Illinois rose an ext slowly in 2020 보다 the nationwide average.

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Illinois’ violent crime rate increased 2.6% native 2019 come 2020 compared to the national increase of 5.2%, follow to data from 2020 Uniform Crime Report. The data likewise showed the the crime price in Illinois was 6.9% greater than the in its entirety national crime rate.

The data is estimated since not all agencies send information. The FBI claimed Illinois’ statistics were based upon data received from 667 the the 935 legislation enforcement agencies in the state.

Gun regulate groups claimed that firearms were the primary driver of the national increase in violence. In Illinois, criminal used guns in 685 that the 1,595 violent crimes entailing weapons. In Chicago alone, expressway shootings increased from 52 in 2019 come 128 in 2020, follow to data indigenous the Illinois State Police derived by WGN Investigates.

Violent crime in Illinois many often emerged at a residence; however, the report also indicated strangers committed many crimes.

According come the report, the bulk of both offenders and also victims were in between the eras of 20 and also 29. Of the 2,356 offenders, 1,772 were men, while women accounted for 319 of the complete offenders. The gender of 265 offenders to be unknown.

The Uniform Crime Report routine is run by the FBI and collects data yearly from regulation enforcement agencies in a variety of categories, amongst them violent crimes, rape, robbery and also aggravated assault as well as property crimes.

Man charged in practically 30-year-old killing of mrs strangled in ~ Niles YMCA

by connected Press / Oct 20, 2021

NILES, Ill. (AP) — A man has actually been arrested and also charged through first-degree murder in the practically 30-year-old killing of a mrs at a suburban Chicago YMCA.

DNA evidence was supplied to charge Richard J. Sisto, 72, in the 1992 strangulation the Helen K. Cardwell, Niles Police Deputy chief Nick Zakula claimed Wednesday.

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Doctors speak to FDA authorization that e-cigarette sale, marketing alarming

by Ala Errebhi, Nexstar Media wire / Oct 20, 2021
ST. Luigi (KTVI) -- critical week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the sale of e-cigarette products for the an initial time ever, and also the American Lung association expressed displeasure, saying they room "dismayed."

Pulmonologists at SSM wellness St. Louis university Hospital expressed a similar sentiment, phone call the FDA decision alarming.