CHICAGO (WLS) -- The ABC7 I-Team has learned the a aboriginal Chicagoan will quickly return residence to operation the FBI office here.

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The brand-new FBI Chicago division special certified dealer in charge will certainly be Emmerson Buie Jr., currently in charge of a field office in El Paso Texas.
The 54-year-old Buie will certainly be Chicago"s an initial black FBI boss.Click right here to check out the FBI"s announcement
He has risen through the bureau"s ranks during nearly three decades, at one allude in his career to be an assistant in fee in downstate Springfield, yet he will come right here at the number one. FBI officials in Texas said they space preparing because that a September 30 send-off of your agent in charge to a very large promotion.Early last month in El Paso, Buie remained in charge as soon as an energetic shooter call came down inside a regional Walmart. Once it to be over 22 civilization were dead.For Buie it to be a moment that he had actually prepared 27 years with the bureau to handle.Now, a little more than a month later, the I-Team an initial reported top top Monday in ~ 6 p.m. The Buie will certainly leave his El Paso post and return to his birthplace to operation the sprawling Chicago FBI Division. That is the nation"s fourth-largest field office, covering 18 counties with much more than 850 agents and support staffers consisting of criminal analysts.He is taken into consideration an professional in corruption investigations, cybersecurity and also human smuggling.
Buie will replace Jeff Sallet that left Chicago in June after much less than two years here to come to be the FBI"s chief Financial Officer in ~ the agency"s headquarters.While the FBI article is being filled, ~ above Monday the I-Team has additionally learned that here at DEA Chicago the assist wanted authorize is still up.Special certified dealer in fee of the medicine Enforcement agency Brian McKnight has likewise been moved after much less than two years on the job here.McKnight is currently the DEA"s "chief inspector" according to recent agency statements, a place that supervises internal conduct and also investigations. Distinct Agent Robert Bell is McKnight"s short-lived replacement.The Chicago DEA office authorize a explain Monday, saying, "Mr. McKnight to be recently advocated to a senior level position at DEA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Associate special Agent in charge Robert J. Bell is serving together Acting one-of-a-kind Agent in Charge until a irreversible replacement is named."For the last couple of weeks because McKnight left DEA, both that Chicago"s an important federal legislation enforcement agencies have actually been without long-term leadership, both with acting one-of-a-kind agents in charge.

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The isn"t known how much off a DEA instead of is, yet the homecoming because that Chicago"s brand-new FBI leader is intended to be in October.