Police have actually released parts of surveillance video showing Kenneka Jenkins staggering alone v a Chicago hotel before her body was found a day later in a hotel freezer.

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Kenneka Jenkins is shown here in this photo from Facebook.

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From facebook
In the footage, Jenkins is an initial seen walking through the hotel with numerous unidentified people approximately 1:13 a.m. On that Saturday. She shows up to be steady.

however when Jenkins is next sighted exiting one elevator at 3:25 a.m., she is alone and visibly impaired, and also staggers out of the elevator, briefly leaning ~ above the wall for support prior to heading under the hallway.

surveillance cameras next record Jenkins in hallways in ~ 3:27 and 3:29 a.m., also alone. She struggles to head in one direction, and nearly falls over numerous times, but catches herself.

The last clip mirrors Jenkins stumbling with the hotel kitchen, which appears to be empty. She walks out of see of the cameras at 3:32 a.m., the critical time she was seen prior to her body was uncovered in the hotel’s walk-in freezer.

Police say they have 36 hours of surveillance video from that weekend and have publicly released every clips in i m sorry Jenkins deserve to be seen.

in ~ no point in the footage provided to elafilador.net have the right to Jenkins be watched walking into the freezer.

Andrew Holmes, a ar activist that police claimed is working with Jenkins’ family, claimed Thursday that Rosemont police proved him surveillance video of the young woman walking into the freezer in the hotel basement on her own.

Holmes called elafilador.net affiliate WBBM Jenkins showed up to it is in lost and also tried numerous doors to obtain upstairs to the hotel lobby prior to she walked into the freezer, situated in one unsecure area.

“We all want to know: go anybody traction her under there? walk anybody force her down there? was anybody ~ above the other side in the room as soon as she got down there? and the prize to the is no,” Holmes called WBBM.

Holmes urged anyone with evidence in the instance to call police and stop make accusations on society media.

“Just don’t placed it out there on Facebook since if you placed it the end there, climate be ready to price what you placed out there,” Holmes told WBBM.

as soon as her friends realized Jenkins to be missing, they educated her mother, Tereasa Martin. In recordings that 911 calls released by the police and also obtained through elafilador.net, Martin said the friends she daughter was with had gone maximum floor to find a phone and also left Jenkins in the hotel’s lobby.

when they come back, young name said, Jenkins to be gone. Martin said the police dispatcher that her daughter’s friends claimed she drank “one cup” however that “one cup is too much for her,” young name said.

Police: ‘Not judgment out anything’

In a news release, the Rosemont Public security Department said it to be publicly disclosing every the video surveillance native the Crowne Plaza Hotel that showed Jenkins the night of her disappearance. Jenkins’ family has seen the security video, the release said.

Rosemont police spokesman Detective Joe Balogh claimed Holmes was displayed portions the the security footage, in the hope that he could assist with the investigation, but Balogh declined to check Holmes’ account that the video.

“On our end, we’re not ruling out anything yet we are using that footage to try and accurately decide what happened,” Balogh told elafilador.net.

Rosemont police stated in a statement they have actually interviewed and also located a dozen human being “who were involved in some way,” including eight that were in ~ the party. Police to be looking for 4 others.

Police stated they are likewise combing through hrs of footage from 47 hotel cameras. Technicians were also looking in ~ videos pertained to the investigation.

Balogh called elafilador.net the authorities likewise handed over the video to one attorney for Jenkins’ mother and to the cook County clinical Examiner’s Office.

Martin and her attorneys said at a news conference Friday they had actually seen “snippets” of monitoring video, but had no seen all of it.

“I thank everybody for your help, the love and support,” martin said. “But I also want to know what happened. I desire to watch all – I desire to watch her actually walking right into this freezer and closing herself in ~ this freezer and also freezing to death.”

Hotel offers to pay for funeral

In the news conference, Jenkins’ mother and her attorneys were vital of the hotel’s response.

Martin, the attorneys said, dubbed the hotel and also went there at an early stage Saturday to ask lock to evaluation surveillance footage to uncover her daughter.

“They never ever checked. They never ever searched,” said Sam Adams, one of Martin’s lawyers. “They never did anything while a young, 19-year-old disoriented girl is sitting in your freezer.”

“Ms. Martin simply wants to recognize what occurred to her daughter,” Larry Rogers, one more lawyer because that the Jenkins family, told elafilador.net Saturday. “We’re simply trying to watch where the facts lead.”

Wednesday, Jenkins’ family and supporters gathered at the hotel demanding answers. They brought signs and also chanted: “Release the tapes.”

Rosemont police said the hotel has actually cooperated v the investigation.

according to WBBM, a hotel spokesman, glen Harston, stated Jenkins’ death was “a tragic accident.” He added that the freezer had actually latches ~ above the inside and outside and also did not lock.

Crowne Plaza hotel representatives might not be reached. The hotel has available to pay for Jenkins’ funeral, elafilador.net affiliate WGN reported.