Moore was through a group of people in the 3100 block the West Polk Street as soon as someone in a black sedan opened up fire, death her, police say.

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Kierra Moore, that played because that the girls’ basketball team at Michele Clark scholastic Prep Magnet High School, was shot and killed Thursday in Provided photo
as a young child, Kierra Moore to be so drawn to basketball that she insisted on playing v the larger kids.

“She’d pertained to her larger brother’s practice and also say, ‘I want to play.’ and I’d speak you’re not old enough,” stated Arlena Wade, who coached the brother and also would go on come coach Moore at Michele Clark scholastic Prep Magnet High School.

“I’m playing! i’m playing!” Moore would certainly say, according to Wade. “She walk that until she to be old sufficient to play.”

Born and raised in Cabrini-Green, Moore verified incredible promise. “She to be destined to go to the WNBA,” her older brother Jaden Knox said Friday.

The 16-year-old was shot and also killed Thursday night when standing through a group of people in Lawndale, according to police, who stated the gunfire come from gunmen in a black car roughly 11:30 p.m. In the 3100 block that West Polk Street.

Moore was hit number of times and died at mountain Sinai Hospital. Police have reported no arrests.

Family insisted that Moore was not with a team of world when she to be killed. Moore was v her pair sister in a rideshare automobile that was clogged by an additional vehicle, Knox said. Three gunmen got out of the car and fired shots as Moore ran away, striking she 18 times, that said.

Her brother remembered Moore Friday together “a fun-loving, joking person” who was inseparable indigenous her twin sister.

“She loved she twin an ext than anything,” Knox said. “They did everything together. Never ever once were they separated, unless she was with me.”

After Cabrini-Green was torn down, Moore’s family members moved come rowhouses adjacent where she’d pat one-on-one games with her brother at the courts.

“She could do points I couldn’t — right- and left-handed,” Knox said. “She was my right-hand man. We would certainly play video games together, basketball games. I taught her the means of the game.”

Between trips through her brothers downtown for gym shoes, she’d talk about basketball, she team at Clark and her schooling. “She love Michele Clark. She was always like, ‘I want to walk to school, i can’t wait come play basketball,’” her brother said.

Kierra Moore (second from right), coach Arlena go a.k.a. Coach pat (far right) and teammates from the Michele Clark scholastic Prep Magnet High school girls’ basketball team. Noted photo “She always told me she want to take her team to at the very least one championship. This year was supposed to be the year she’d take her team come the championship,” that said. “I said her, you already know ns coming come every single last one of your games.”

Wade, the head coach in ~ Clark, dubbed Moore “the life of the team ... A great player” who averaged about 15 points a game.

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A captain of her high college team, Moore was a jokester yet was additionally intense about playing — whether it to be over a poor call or what jersey number she wore. A teammate quiet remembers as soon as a ref dubbed a foul top top Kierra. “She gained mad and fussy through the ref,” Tajiuna Cooper said. “She constantly got her way.”

Moore’s energy urged the team and bound castle together, Cooper said. “She wasn’t simply a teammate, yet family.”

While Moore had a difficult exterior, she was “soft ~ above the inside,” i agree Assistant Coach Sayisha Pendleton.

“No matter how hard she seemed, she was a tenderness giant,” Pendleton said. “She couldn’t live without she team, and they can not live there is no her. She to be a huge piece that the basketball team.”

Moore’s brother claimed he will constantly remember his sister’s “smile of gold.”

“When the team was down, she carried them up,” Knox said. “Everybody love her.”