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2 MIN review - it’s time once again to usher in a brand-new year, and also there’s no far better place to perform it than downtown in the Chicago Loop. Glitzy and also glamorous open up bar events await, along with sparkling pre-fixe dinners, Warhol-themed parties, celebrations 94 stories in the air, and more.

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360 Chicago

Celebrate ~ above the 94th floor because that 360 CHICAGO"s 4th annual new Year"s night celebration. Created for guests 21 and also older, this package has general admission start at 9 p.m., unlimited rides ~ above TILT, a live DJ, party favors, 2 glasses the sparkling wine, and an unprecedented view that the brand-new Year’s eve fireworks display. Find out more.

Commons society at The Virgin Hotel
This new Year"s Eve, her mission is to celebrate the 007 way. Commons Club"s Casino Royale party starts at 8 p.m. Through a premium held four-hour open bar package. The party proceeds with a cash bar after midnight for every you party people. Kick off the night at the satellite bar, mingle end card games at the poker table, roulette wheel, baccarat table, and more. Peak off the evening with a balloon drop and cost-free champagne toast at midnight.
Hilton Chicago

ChicagoNYE.com, 103.5 Kiss FM, and also NBC 5 Chicago space teaming increase to host a NYE Soiree! thousands of formally dressed party-goers descend on the Hilton Chicago for this multiple ballroom extravaganza that includes an all-inclusive event featuring seven party areas, 12 party acts, top shelf cocktails, a selection of hors d"oeuvres, committed martinis, champagne, live casino gambling, celebrity DJs, live video mixing, midnight confetti storm, table service, and somuch more. And to optimal it turn off ChicagoNYE.com consists of a cost-free pre-party and also post party in the join price, not to cite discounted hotel rooms! Ring in NYE 2020 in ~ this luxurious event. At an early stage bird distinct of only $119. Tickets go up soon. For more info visit,www.ChicagoNYE.com.

Hotel Essex | SX skies Bar

Steps from provide Park, SX sky Bar in the new Essex ~ above the Park tower is the most stylish an are in the south Loop because that ringing in the brand-new year. The fashion-forward design of the bilevel cocktail lounge is a festive background to the panoramic views of the urban winter wonderland below. The indulgent food selection centers roughly seafood, mutual plates, and also spirited cocktails. Toast to 2020 through the signature Twilight cocktail. Featuring butterfly pea flower infused gin, St-Germain, housemade lavender syrup, and edible pearl dust, that literally sparkles. Learn more.

Hotel Julian | around Last Knife

End 2019 in style and also toast come 2020. Live music, very delicious food, exceptional accommodations, and also an endure you will never forget await you at Hotel Julian’s around Last Knife – An initial Remix. Find out more.

The JW Marriott Chicago

ChicagoNewYearsParty.comwill ring in 2020 through unveiling the premiere of a deluxe Chicago brand-new Year’s Eve occasion at the JW Marriott Chicago. Get your tickets now due to the fact that this will certainly be the sexy ticket in town featuring lot of ballrooms the entertainment,top shelf cocktails, a variety of hors d"oeuvres, pasta bar, tradition martinis, premium champagne, virtual raffles benefiting a good cause,celebrity DJs, live cover band, live video clip mixing, midnight confetti storm, table service, and so much more. And also to height it off they are consisting of a cost-free pre-party and also post party in the ticket price, no to point out discounted hotel rooms! beforehand bird distinct of only $119. Tickets go up soon. For much more info visit,www.ChicagoNewYearsParty.com.

New Year"s eve Blast

Spectators will be happy by a spectacular midnight fireworks screen along the Chicago River. The magical display will it is in FREE for all to ring in the new Year through loved people in the City’s height restaurants, bars and also hotels. Find out more.


ROOF ~ above theWit

ROOF’s new Year’s eve Party is earlier and far better than ever. Featuring gaming tables, decadent food through award-winning chefs, and a platinum open up bar native 9 p.m. To 1 a.m. This glamorous rooftop, set 27 stories over it all, is the ultimate brand-new Year’s night destination. ROOF will certainly be transformed into the dazzling French Riviera, personified by elegance, gaming tables, live entertainment, acrobatic dancers, French cuisine, and also lots of champagne. Discover more.


Teatro ZinZanni gift Love, Chaos & Dinner

Spend this brand-new Year"s Eve v Teatro ZinZanni and also celebrate like never before. The brand-new Year"s eve package has a 4 course dinner draft by "The Goddess" Debbie Sharpe, a power of the critically acclaimed show Love, Chaos & Dinner, a dessert buffet and also dancing after the show, and also a champagne toast at midnight. There will certainly be a DJ, dancing, dessert, and bar service until 1 a.m. Find out more.

Travelle at The Langham

Travelle in ~ The Langham is prepared to welcome the brand-new Year in 2 ways: a five-course, pre-fixe dinner and also a sparkling celebration. The restaurant master a dinner because that $165 per person featuring Butternut Squash Soup through crème fraiche, Ossetra Royale Caviar, and chanterelle conserva; logo Duck Confit through beets, citrus, frisée, radicchio, braised salsify, and also black truffle; Monkfish through Manila clams, bouillabaisse, braised fennel, and saffron touile; Wagyu quick Rib with pommes mille feuille, cippolini agrodolce, horseradish, and also celery root; and Citrus Pavlova v grapefruit granita, black currant ice cream cream, and yuzu curd. A celebratory sparkling wine toast in ~ midnight is also included.

Andy Warhol’s “Silver Factory” is this year’s brand-new Year’s night party template at the bar. Influenced by Warhol’s brand-new York City studio decked out in silver, guests space invited to run the night away v a DJ and also enjoy the photo booth. A celebratory sparkling alcohol toast in ~ midnight is additionally included. Tables deserve to be booked with a $150 minimum invest per person.

Travelle will offer their five-course, pre-fixe dinner on brand-new Year’s eve from 5-10 p.m. Reservations can be made online or by phone call 312-923-7705.

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The W Chicago - City Center

Celebrate new Year"s eve in style at the ultra-trendy W Chicago - City Center. This occasion will have you hopping indigenous room come room through multiple party areas. Reap the evening through an all-inclusive parcel featuring peak shelf drinks, buffets, champagne, party favors, midnight celebrations, and also more. Take an elevator house with discounted hotel rooms at $159/night. At an early stage Bird Tix at $125 GA and $145 VIP.For an ext info visitwww.ChicagoNYEparty.com.