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A 15-year-old Chicago girl who had actually gone missing was supposedly sexually assaulted by 5 or 6 males on on facebook Live — together dozens watched virtual –before she to be found, the associated Press reported.

Chicago police officials talk to civilization outside a station March 21, 2017, concerning a sex attack of a teen. (Credit: WGN)

About 40 world watched the livestream the the assault, however none that them reported the occurrence to police, according to AP.

A police spokesman shown Tuesday that the teen had actually been located one job after her family members said she to be sexually assaulted on facebook Live, sister terminal WGN in Chicago reported. She was found sitting top top a porch, crying, WGN reported.

“To have actually her house is … a big weight lifted off,” a family members friend called the station.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the teenager “was uncovered by the 10th ar officers. She is currently at the Area with her mother and also detectives space conducting interviews.”

Family members and friends that reported the girl missing say they witnessed the 15-year-old on a video being sexually attacked by number of boys. The Lane tech High institution freshman left home to walk to the keep Sunday afternoon.

On Monday morning, the teen’s mother’s issue turned to fear for she daughter’s safety after her uncle called to tell she she was the topic of a facebook Live video.

Facebook has since taken down the video, but the girl’s mommy showed WGN 4 screenshots that were too graphic come be broadcast or post online. She also showed them to Chicago Police department Superintendent Eddie Johnson as he to be leaving a push conference at the 10th district.

It wasn’t till the mom approached Johnson in human that police learned around the attack, AP reported.

The superintendent was disturbed by the fact that no one city hall the livestream dubbed police.

“What’s even an ext disturbing, much more than the reality that they walk this, there to be so many world that observed this and also they didn’t choose up the phone and also dial 911,” Johnson said WGN. “That’s just not right and (we’re) functioning on it and try to lug it to a effective resolution.”

The event remains under investigation, and also detectives space working to track down the owner that the on facebook page and also the rather in the video.

Guglielmi said Tuesday afternoon the police were making progression identifying those in the video.

He told the AP the the girl is thought to know at least one of she attackers, yet it’s no clear how acquainted they are with every other.

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The sexual assault comes more than two months after four civilization were arrested on apprehension of torturing a man and livestreaming it, additionally in Chicago.