Chicago Yacht Club"s many famous event is the Chicago Yacht Club gyeongju to Mackinac, i m sorry is the longest yearly freshwater sailing race in the world.

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Starting in 1898 v a mere five boats, The Mac has developed into a world-class sporting event. After ~ the very first race in 1898, the race to Mackinac was not hosted for 5 years till the 2nd race in 1904. Due to the fact that 1921, the gyeongju to Mackinac has actually run consecutively every year, stays the longest yearly freshwater distance race, and also is known as among the many prestigious cruising races in the world.

Today, sailors from Maine come California make this gyeongju an invariable part of their summer. Moreover, every year the Mac hosts seafarers from as far off together Hong Kong, new Zealand and Australia. Back the Mac remains mainly an amateur event, this race has actually a proven track record of attracting several of the best sailing talent in the sport. The unpredictable weather and fickle winds top top Lake Michigan do the race to Mackinac a supreme test, i beg your pardon many rivals feel rivals any kind of ocean race.

Chicago come Mackinac race 2021



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This is my very first time, is this ok?

Beginners there is no experience have the right to participate in the regatta, since on the yacht over there is always a skilled skipper with extensive experience who will teach you whatever you require for your role on the boat. In addition, as a rule, there are competent yachtsmen in the crew who will assist you get resolved and feel comfortable.

As a rule, the expense of participation in the regatta includes:

— house on a yacht because that the expression of the regatta;

— bed linen and towels;

— business fee;

— skipper services;

— the cost of mooring in marinas;

— an easy sailing training;

— a yacht polo or t-shirts from the organizers.

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Additional expenses you will must pay:

— aircraft tickets and also transfer to the marina;

— a visa. However, us will give you an invitation and confirmation of house booking because that the embassy. Visas because that sporting events are simple to get;

— food;

— personal expenses.

We will discover a skipper and also a crew that will certainly fit your skills level, mood, the right atmosphere and also even your period :) find me a team