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rick Wilking/Reuters A driver v the ride-hailing service Uber placed a prevent to a potential mass shooting in Chicago over the weekend.Here"s the Chicago Tribune, citing Assistant State"s lawyer Barry Quinn:

A team of human being had to be walking in front of the driver about 11:50 p.m. In the 2900 block of north Milwaukee Avenue when Everardo Custodio, 22, started firing right into the crowd, Quinn said.

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The driver pulled the end a handgun and fired 6 shots in ~ Custodio, hitting him number of times, follow to court records. Responding officers uncovered Custodio lying on the ground, bleeding, Quinn said. No other injuries to be reported.

The driver will certainly not it is in charged:

The driver had actually a concealed-carry permit and also acted in the defense the himself and also others, Assistant State"s lawyer Barry Quinn claimed in court Sunday.

Chicago was home to some of the most draconian gun regulations in the us until a 2010 can be fried Court ruling, McDonald v. Chicago, found Chicago"s gun-regulation regime unconstitutional.

That ruling used the court"s vault landmark second Amendment ruling, ar of Columbia v. Heller, to state governments.


The shoot took ar in Chicago"s Logan Square neighborhood. Google

While those rulings encountered the appropriate to be affected by each other arms because that self-defense in the home, part circuit court (including the 7th Circuit, which governs in Chicago) have expanded the Heller-McDonald reasonable to particular public places and the home.

Under the previous regime in Chicago, the driver would have had to choose in between saving lives and avoiding a lengthy, perhaps life-ruining prison sentence.It"s safe to assume the both the hero in this case and also the potential victims of Custodio space thankful the unconstitutional burden has been erased.

That is, of course, not to say that the struggle for gun legal rights is over. Some circuits preserve a more restricted view of Heller and McDonald, providing the government far much more discretion in denying the appropriate to bear arms outside the home.

For every hero Uber driver there room still much too numerous Shaneen Allens and Brian Aitkens: law-abiding, calm citizens who have actually their livelihoods and even their resides threatened for working out their constitutional rights.

We deserve to hope only that stories favor this, of i m sorry there room many, obtain the attention they deserve and bolster the situation for individual liberty and also the ideal to bear arms.

The opinions herein reflect the views of the CATO Institute and also not company Insider.

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Axel Springer, Insider Inc."s parental company, is an investor in Uber.


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