As pleasant together it is to order meals face-to-face with Chick-fil-A"s always cheerful crew, that"s not the ideal option this days if it"s even easily accessible at all. A the majority of fast-food dining rooms space still closed across the U.S. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. "Contactless" has become a buzzword v restaurants this year, Chick-fil-A included. Now the chicken outlet is announcing a new way to gain its well-known food when limiting call with employees as much as possible. And you don"t also need come wait in heat at the drive-thru.

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Before, customers that wanted a digital alternative for notified ahead could only revolve to the Chick-fil-A One app, introduced in 2016 (via The Chicken Wire). Starting this week, customers can place that order online, in ~, follow to a agency news release. "Traditionally, customers have actually only to be able to order catering on Virtual ordering now alters the video game by offering the full menu for day-to-day purchases," a Chick-fil-A representative claimed in the statement.

So civilization who probably don"t have actually a smartphone yet have access to a computer system can stimulate ahead and either conserve time at the drive-thru (hopefully) or skip the drive-thru altogether and also opt because that curbside pickup.

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Customer usage of drive-thrus at fast-food restaurants has increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also so have actually drive-thru wait times (via QSR Web). Fast-food chains can speed increase drive-thru times by expanding digital ordering options in smart ways, and Chick-fil-A is no doubt looking to boost its customers" drive-thru experience. 

A 2020 examine by SeeLevel Hx found that as whole wait times in the drive-thru lines in ~ 10 selected fast-food chain increased about 30 seconds overall, with only three restaurants seeing innovation compared come 2019: KFC, Taco Bell, and also McDonald"s. Not just was Chick-fil-A amongst the other seven chains that had longer wait times this year, but Chick-fil-A has by far the slowest drive-thru of every 10 restaurant brands in the study. Chick-fil-A"s mean drive-thru wait time is 8 minutes and also 9 seconds and is more than a minute and also a half longer 보다 the second-slowest chain in the study.

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McDonald"s enhanced the most this year, of the 3 chains the showed much faster drive-thru times. The time invested in a McDonald"s drive-thru dropped by virtually 30 seconds on average, according to the SeeLevel HX study. The agency said the the faster service was a result of simple its menu during the pandemic, The wall surface Street Journal reported.