Working at a® restaurant is an ext than a project – it’s an opportunity for teamwork and leadership breakthrough in a positive, people-focused environment. Most restaurants are in your ar owned and also operated by independent, franchised Operators that invest later of their Team Members and give ago to your communities. Check out below about what makes working at a restaurant unique, and also then discover a restaurant near you the is hiring and also fill the end a project application today.

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We aren’t simply in the company of chicken, we’re in the organization of people

Each restaurant culture is distinct to the Operator and also local community, and also Operators room committed to developing a positive environment where every Team Members are valued and respected.


We’re closed every Sunday

No matter which restaurant you apply to work-related for, restaurants stay closed on Sundays to permit our restaurant Operators and also their Team Members to remainder or prayer if they choose.


We sell college scholarship opportunities and also tuition discounts

Eligible Team Members can apply to obtain a amazing Futures™ Scholarship indigenous, Inc. – approximately $25,000! – and also receive tuition discounts at end 100 universities throughout the U.S.


We aid make a distinction in her communities

Operators look at for coherent ways to offer their local communities, for this reason Team Members have actually the chance to make an impact beyond the restaurant.

Grow your career through us

Working in a restaurant uses the chance for teamwork and also leadership advancement in a fast-paced environment. Many Team Members room offered advancement opportunities in ~ their neighborhood restaurant, and also many others take the skills they’ve learned working at a restaurant come pursue various other opportunities. One of two people way, it will certainly be a ar where you will do it be proud to work and that will prepare you for the future, wherever it may lead.


The an enig ingredient is you

Team Members room what do restaurants therefore special. They care about the work-related they’re doing, beyond just serving a great meal. But don’t take our word for it. Hear why this Team Members think the awesome to work-related at a restaurant.

There’s so lot growth. You could start as a Team Member, then become a trainer, then a lead — how much girlfriend put right into it is how much you’ll receive. Ns think yes sir a house for anyone in a restaurant. Everyone will find a place that fits them.

Angelique SherrillNew York, 918 8th Avenue In-Line

You learn good skills, like communication, leadership and also working v others, which are transferrable to everything you may want to go after as a career. If you may work in ~ because that a specific amount that time, the exposure and also opportunities you obtain here help you build your future.

Sidnee PhillipsHope Mills, hope Mills

You have actually the opportunity to work-related with amazing people in a hopeful environment and also inspire others — and also have an excellent food every day.

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Shai JohnsonNew Orleans, Harvey

To work at method so much much more than a paycheck. We have actually a lot of fun. It method building relationships. It means becoming a leader. It method being provided the tools to excel.

Jamie MoodyJonesboro, turtle Creek