While everyone loves Chick-fil-A"s delicious food, it"s no an enig that at times your politics deserve to be a little bit controversial. The is true the Chick-fil-A"s owners room evangelical christians who have expressed a less-than-progressive attitude about same-sex marriage, a stance the has gotten them banned indigenous a variety of different locations and also boycotted/protested in ~ others, and also their religion-based decision to stay closed ~ above Sundays may be losing the chain end a exchange rate dollars a year.

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The latest debate in i beg your pardon Chick-fil-A finds itself embroiled — one for which lock are, in fact, being downright roasted (not to cite grilled and also fried) — transforms out to it is in manufactured, and based ~ above false or misinterpreted information. While a variety of Facebook users have actually been share a viral photograph that purportedly shows Chick-fil-A employee wearing t-shirts the seem to indicate that the chain is acquisition a solid stance in supporting legislation enforcement, and thus implying that they protest the present Black Lives matter protests in the wake up of George Floyd"s fatality at the hand of police officers, the fact behind the issue shows the the shirt has nothing whatsoever to perform with present circumstances.

The picture depicts Chick-fil-A workers wearing t-shirts through the company logo add by the slogan "Back the Blue," which is a phrase frequently used to show support for the police. When publicly acquisition this stance just now might well be taken amiss, the photograph in question was bring away some five years ago. Follow to Reuters, a Chick-fil-A PR rep shown that the shirts were published up in 2015 by a locally owned and also operated Chick-fil-A franchise in order to support their local football team — and also perhaps indicating generalized support for legislation enforcement in ~ a time once so doing to be not perceived as acquisition sides on a controversial issue.

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Snopes also reveals the this specific same photograph was likewise used on society media in 2016 to spread out the rumor the Chick-fil-A to be "dropping a bomb" on black Lives issue in the after-effects of a protest where five officers were killed. Snopes" rating? one unequivocal "False," for the same factors that to be uncovered by Reuters. In fact, Facebook has actually labeled few of the articles featuring this photo as having actually "Partly False Information," and Chick-fil-A themselves have published a explain that provides it fairly clear they are not at all opposed come the black Lives issue movement or to ending institutionalized racism. As they placed it, "Let"s open up the door come dialogue and also healing." possibly we"d much better start through making sure we uncover out the reality behind any assertion (or photo) before rushing to judgment or sharing perhaps false info on society media.