Employees in ~ a single Chick-fil-A location wore "Back the Blue" shirt long prior to the July 2016 "Black resides Matter" protests.

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Published12 July 2016

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Chick-fil-A dispersed "Back the Blue" shirt in the wake up of July 2016 "Black lives Matter" protests.

According come reports, Chick-fil-A accused unveiled “Back the Blue” shirt in July 2016 in response to occasions in Dallas:

It’s not too regularly a large company favor Chick-fil-A gets affiliated in a controversial topic, but they have thrown themselves appropriate smack in the middle of the black Lives matter movement through a declare that has millions of civilization talking across the country.

Blue Lives issue is a movement that counters BLM by encouraging citizen to assistance police police officers that placed their lives on the line every solitary day for citizens throughout the country. Police police officers are here to safeguard citizens and also will execute so regardless of color, as long as you cooperate and obey the law.

To display support for legislation enforcement, Chick-fil-A has actually unveiled their “Back The Blue” t-shirts.

Nearly every version of the popular tale was written from a standpoint the presumed that human being either protest police officers or the black Lives matter movement:


However, the claim around Chick-fil-A introducing “Back the Blue” shirt in an answer to events in July 2016 was easily disproved. In November 2015, the pro-law enforcement web site PoliceOne reported the the shirts were worn at a solitary Texas location of the chicken chain, and that occasion took ar in October 2015, well before the July 2016 Dallas protest:

Employees in ~ the university Park Chick-fil-A wore “Back the Blue” shirt to show support to regulation enforcement, Independent newspaper reported.

“We’re sustaining those day-to-day heroes that defend us,” place manager Eli Advincula said the publication. “There are regulars the eat below all the time, and also we just want castle to understand that.”

The blue likewise symbolizes the regional high school football team.

The PoliceOne report attached to an post identifying the shirt-wearers as being in Conroe, Texas. Us contacted Chick-fil-A corporate come ask whether the shirts were developed in 2016, and whether they to be a chain-wide issue, and also a representative told us that the shirts to be the work-related of high college employees the Chick-fil-A and also that they to be worn in ~ a single location in Texas in October 2015.

On 14 July 2016, a representative because that Chick-fil-A clarified to us that the shirt were never ever meant as a referral to police officers:

During high college football season last year, one in your ar owned restaurant in Houston, Texas produced t-shirts for the sole factor of sustaining its regional football team. However, as soon as asked, the regional manager additionally made a declare in support of the local very first responders, together we have a background of honoring them for their public service. The shirts have actually nothing to execute with the current national discussion. Chick-fil-A restaurants are committed to serving anyone delicious food while creating a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who walks through our doors.

Published12 July 2016

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