I’ve constantly loved these sandwiches but the barbecue sauce yes, really seals the deal! go anyone have actually the recipe because that the barbecue sauce?


I work-related there I’ll give you like 20

Also we have catering order dimension 8oz containers the you deserve to buy for like a pair bucks just ask for them in ~ the register

My gf supplied to work-related there and also told me I can do this w your cfa sauce. I would certainly grill chicken breasts at home and also make sammiches through the sauce top top it. So good.

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I psychic a couple of years earlier they changed the recipe and I was devastated... Walk on twitter and also saw that many other civilization were also upset and also they brought it back within a month. Finest bbq sauce ever

Ugh, they readjusted it when try tried to carry out some smokehouse sandwich and also baked potato crap. Who goes to ChickFilA for """smokehouse"""?

Side note: i love that Twitter is just how we know just how everyone else feels around restaurants' and also food companies' transforms now.


the list of ingredient is on the site, and here room the persons i'd use if ns made it in ~ home: water, tomato paste, brown sugar, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, pineapple juice concentrate, salt, cornstarch, seasonings (they don't clues what kind, i'd simply throw in a few barbeque-y flavors), onion powder, and also garlic powder

i'd guesstimate the ratios, most likely looking at an additional barbeque sauce recipe because that guidance, litter it in a sauce pan, taste it, and also reduce and modify ratios till it taste good. Store refining it until it's that tasty and also you'll finish up through a quite solid cooking recipes for next time, and even if it's no a perfect dupe, it need to make a damn good sauce.

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You’ve never ever heard that BBQ chicken? have actually you lived in a cavern the critical 300 years? exactly how did you find a phone and also elafilador.net?


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