As component of their corporate purpose, many Chick-fil-A places offer date of birth party packages for people of every ages.

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If you’ve been a fan of the Chick-fil-A cow, then a birthday party for your child may be a good idea.

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How much does a Chick-fil-A date of birth party cost?

On average, a Chick-fil-A date of birth party will expense anywhere indigenous $7 to $13 per child, relying on the amount of food needed. Because that instance, a four-piece nugget meal retails for $8.25, while a six-nugget package will retail for $9. Since every ar is separately owned through a franchisee, the prices room going come vary.

To budget, a party that 20 children will cost around $165 to $260.

To receive more information ~ above the Chick-fil-A date of birth parties, refer to their official page.

According come this article, because that example, the typical Chick-fil-A birthday party is $9.50 to $12.50 per child.

Chick-fil-A birthday party overview

During a date of birth party, Chick-fil-A is may be to sell a range of catering options.

During the party, a “Partee” coordinator will certainly be designated to the room. This attendant will be may be to assist hand the end the food, take orders, accommodate any kind of special requests and even help the distinct cow mascot.

The room will be scheduled for 90 minutes.

What space the extra costs?

Applicable taxes may apply. Part people also choose to reminder their party coordinator, but at some locations, these coordinators may not be enabled to accept tips.

Cake or desserts, as well as the Icedream, will not it is in included. If you desire to lug your very own cake or dessert, arrangement on budgeting.

Tips to know:

Birthday parties must have a minimum the at the very least six children.

If the restaurant has a playground, it will not it is in shut under for the party. This way that the playground will certainly still be open up to other youngsters who are not with your party.

You are permitted to bring in your very own decorations ahead of time; however, they must be approved prior to bringing them into the restaurant.

Parents have detailed that this sort of party is ideal for those that do not require planned entertainment. Because the only entertainment associated is the playground, younger children may obtain bored fairly fast.

Since spots deserve to fill increase fast, shot to make your reservation at the very least three to six months in advanced.

Parties are regularly only easily accessible during particular time blocks.

How deserve to I conserve money?

On occasions, friend may be able to find neighborhood Groupon kind deals because that a regional birthday party.

Since each restaurant is separately owned, some owners may have the ability to negotiate through you top top the pricing.

If you want to have Chick-fil-A food at her party, friend could pick to walk buy a bunch of kids meals and also take them ago to your residence instead.

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