How walk One® work?

When you sign up with our tiered membership regimen One, you deserve to start earning clues every time friend order the food friend love.

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1Earn points

Receive points v every qualifying purchase. Receive more more points per dollar together you reach brand-new membership tiers.

2Receive rewards

Use points come redeem available rewards. When you reach silver- Status, you"ll also have the choice to provide rewards come friends and also family.

3Redeem benefits

Receive extr benefits together you reach brand-new membership tiers, together as surprise rewards from your neighborhood® restaurant, insider content, bonus suggest challenges, poll opportunities and more. One® membership benefits

Tap the icons to check out our four membership tiers and see exactly how your benefits prosper as you accumulate an ext points.

$1 = 10 pts

Earn 10 points every dollar to use towards available rewards (based top top your full prior come tax).






$1 = 11 pts

Earn 11 points every dollar to use towards available rewards (based ~ above your total prior come tax).

$1 = 12 pts

Earn 12 points every dollar to usage towards accessible rewards (based on your total prior to tax).

$1 = 13 pts

Earn 13 points per dollar to use towards easily accessible rewards (based top top your complete prior to tax).

You have the right to receive points for your following qualifying purchase by becoming a One member today.

Participation is subject to, Inc.’s state & problems of Use, the One® state & Conditions, and the Privacy Policy.

A contactless means to order and pay

Another advantage of being a One member? It’s even much easier to location your order and also pay digital or v the App. See just how we’re working to prioritize safe service.

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