Whether you’re an ATLien since birth or a new resident of our southern city, you have actually heard the hype about Dwarf House. Additionally known as the “Orginal Chick-fil-a”, this restaurant transforms your fast-food favorite into a sit under dreamland. Yes, a waiter takes her order and also the menu is increased into comfort foodstuffs you only see in her fantasies.

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A couple tips to navigate this charming cultural hub:

1) The food selection is expansive. Choose wisely. Shot some items that aren’t offered at the typical Chick-fil-a.


50 outstanding Black-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta

One of the points that makes Atlanta a an excellent American City is ours Black history and culture. Dining at locally-owned, minority-owned enterprise year-round is a an excellent (and delicious) method to support Atlanta’s fabric.

An Insider’s overview to the Atlanta Beltline’s best Restaurants & Bars

Summer in Atlanta means leisurely go on the Beltline and an ext importantly, impressive food and also drinks on the Beltline! Here’s our insider’s overview to the finest that the Beltline has to offer, broken down through Eastside and also Westside trail spots. 

Steak Shapiro’s peak 8 Atlanta Pizza Joints

How walk Atlanta ridge up as a pizza city? while we space not going come be perplexed with brand-new York or for that issue Boston or Chicago us do have a lot of to be proud of and also keep getting much better which is why compiling this perform was no easy but it is without doubt what ns am paid to do….I offer you then: The height Eight Pizza places in Atlanta (with 3 honorable mention) in alphabet order that course.

Your guide to Atlanta’s Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

They’re bringing the star power, but will the food dazzle your tastebuds too? you decide! Here’s a perform of Atlanta’s celebrity own restaurants, in alphabetical order. 

7 Underrated Restaurants in Atlanta

In ours humble opinion, this Atlanta spots just don’t obtain the love or crowds the they deserve. Check out this under-the-radar spots because that a meal that’ll fulfill your tastebuds today!

The Ultimate overview to mexican Food in ATL

Is there any food as beloved in America together Mexican food? us think not, and also we love all the ranges available, native cheesy Tex-mex goodness, come authentic street taco on corn tortillas, come authentic birria. Here’s a round-up top top the best Mexican spots to be found in ATL no matter what kind of smell you’re in the atmosphere for.

29 Romantic Restaurants for day Night in Atlanta

Call united state biased, yet we think ATL is one of the many romantic (and delicious) urban in the U.S.A.! and we deserve to prove it with these restaurants the truly provide both gourmet cuisine and also romance. Below are our height picks for the top 29 romantic restaurants and also places in Atlanta, perfect for you and also your boo’s following night the end on the town.

7 Atlanta Restaurants Perfect because that A Girl’s Night Out

It’s time come eat, ladies! here are several of our favourite restaurants in and also around the perimeter for a girl’s night out! 

10 an elaborate Atlanta Restaurants That space Worth the Splurge

We love a great, cheap eat just as lot as anyone yet there are likewise Atlanta restaurants that room absolutely precious the splurge. You can have to open up her wallet a little broader for these meals, but these Atlanta restaurants are totally worth it because that your next special occasion or if you’re simply feeling fancy!

Buford Highway’s Top surprise Gems

We’re so lucky together a city to have the ability to enjoy all the distinctive flavors and also cuisines indigenous Buford Highway’s covert gems. Right here are several of our favorites the you must try!

Atlanta’s optimal Cocktail Bars

You can SHAKE UP her weekend plans through a fabulous cocktail at some of Atlanta’s top SHELF cocktail bars. We think you’ll discover our references to be an extremely NEAT. So take it a look at our list and let the drinking be GIN!

Atlanta’s ideal Cuban, Dominican and also Puerto Rican Restaurants

Atlanta’s best Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican food can be tough to define. The approach to cooking for all 3 of this come native the same history – a mash increase of the native cultures that live on every island, in addition to flavors from the colonizers’ aboriginal Spain, and also the West African heritages of the enslaved who were lugged to those archipelago by traders.

Where To uncover Atlanta’s ideal Dumplings

A dumpling is some truly wonder foodstuff, found throughout all different cultures approximately the world. Indigenous Poland’s pierogi, to China’s soup dumplings, come the American South’s chicken and dumplings, we love this food in all its glorious forms. Here are some wonderful ones around town, no issue what style you’re craving.

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10 Atlanta Rooftops through Phenomenal Food & Phenomenal Views

For fabulous food and also even more fabulous views, seek a terrific meal and head to higher ground at this Atlanta rooftops.

Steak Shapiro’s peak 7 favorite Chinese Restaurants in Atlanta

Chinese food, ahh how much do we every love it? A lot! In the Shapiro home it has constantly been a Sunday night tradition yet it goes means deeper 보다 that. I love it because that a business lunch, i love that on Buford Highway when celebrating a birthday, i love it as soon as folks room in from out of town and I am wanting to show off the culinary diversity of ours city.

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