ATLANTA -- ~ this December, Chick-fil-A lover won"t have actually any much more pages to rotate on your Cow Calendars.The fast-food restaurant announced this week the it will certainly discontinue the renowned calendars after 2 decades. The calendars included fun, whimsical picture of cows, the restaurant"s mascot, as well as a distinctive deal or coupon each month. They retailed because that $8 plus taxes in 2018.

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"Yes, we have made the challenging decision come retire our annual Cow calendar at the finish of 2018. Us will proceed our commitment come take care of customers and also offer new ways because that you to connect with Chick-fil-A," the firm said in a statement posted to its website, including that coupons will still be spread through various other channels.The calendars to be a renowned holiday gift; Chick-Fil-A claimed in a statement the it would continue to offer gift cards in restaurants end the vacation season.
Though the firm will no much longer offer a new calendar in 2019, the pledged that it will certainly still proceed to respect deals and coupons consisted of in the 2018 calendar.After Chick-fil-A announced the calendar"s demise, frustrated fans expressed your dismay on society media:

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Getting the email from Chick Fil A speak they're retiring the cow calendar ~ this year is honestly the worst news I've obtained in a while

— Matt (

how to recognize you're southern 101:chick fil a just said they're doing away v the cow calendars and i actually teared up? ?? ?? ? ?

— al: chan’s a hufflepuff