This copycat chicken salad is creamy, savory, a tiny sweet, and also perfect because that piling up on some toasted wheat bread or simply grabbing a fork and digging in!

This Copycat Chicken Salad is among those recipes I’m for this reason happy to have actually on hand. We love making our own versions that restaurant favorites in ~ home… like this Copycat Wendy’s Frosty, and Honey small Ham. This is just one of my Copycat Recipes you’ll certainly want to keep on around!



Back in 2017, a tragedy happened. Okay, not really a tragedy every se, but I was definitely upset around it. Chick-Fil-A discontinued your chicken salad sandwich. Insert sad confront here!

That sandwich, and their coleslaw (also discontinued – cooking recipes coming quickly for that one!), were my can be fried go-to when we’d hit increase the drive-thru.

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Thankfully, Chick-Fil-A released their recipe for the famous chicken salad roughly the time they quit serving the sandwich. That course, I immediately had to try it. It to be good… verrrry good.

But that course, their recipe connected using your chicken. Delicious, but not super convenient right? so I’ve been play around and also put my spin on your chicken salad however using regular chicken (leftovers, rotisserie, etc), a bit much more mayo, and I typically go straightforward on the egg as well.

I’m share my version, and also in the recipe notes section, I’ll additionally share… word for word… what Chick-Fil-A released ago in 2017. Due to the fact that everyone has actually their own version of the perfect chicken salad… use this as a basic and add what you like!



Add ingredients to food processor. Give it quick pulses to chop, no puree. If you recognize you often tend to walk too far with the processing (like i did in these photos to it is in honest)… shot adding the celery, then pulsing a couple of times. Then include the chicken and pulse a few times. Then include the continuing to be ingredients and pulse till it’s reached the consistency friend want.Toast bread and serve. No one likes a soggy sandwich, so the mystery is in toasting your bread slices. Include the chicken salad and lettuce, then serve!


FOOD PROCESSOR – the original restaurant recipe dubbed for utilizing a food processor, i m sorry is what i did here, however it finished up over processed and also the structure wasn’t fairly what i wanted. So my advice would certainly be if you’re using a food processor, I’d pulse the celery first, then add the chicken and pulse, then include the remaining ingredients. Alternately, you could chop the ingredients and stir them together (plus no food processor to clean afterwards).EGGS – ns felt choose it was honestly a large egg-y as soon as prepared according to the restaurant recipe, so if you’re not a large fan of tough boiled eggs, I’d shot this with simply 1 egg.ORIGINAL FLAVOR – for a more true come Chick-Fil-A flavor, shot going through their drive-thru and picking increase 4 chicken breasts (2 original and also 2 grilled is my personal fave combination), and chopping castle up. No the most convenient option, yet if you’re trying to find a perfect replica, it’ll carry out the trick.



ONION – not classic in the Chick-Fil-A version, yet I love to add a bit of grated onion or very finely minced yellow onion to mine chicken salad. You won’t require much! an additional option is come mince some eco-friendly onion or chives and also toss those in the salad. Girlfriend could also serve the chicken salad sandwiches with some sliced red onion as well.SWEETER – you could add a 1/2 tsp the granulated sugar to the chicken salad if you choose a sweeter version.DILL – part folks don’t prefer the sweet of the sweet pickle relish, for this reason feel free to shot dill relish instead.LOW CARB – if you’d quite ditch the extra carbs and go bread-less, shot picking up some Bibb lettuce (or living lettuce) and serving this chicken salad increase in lettuce cups!BREAD OPTIONS – i went with hearty whole wheat bread here since that’s what Chick-Fil-A provided to use, yet my favorite way to have actually chicken salad is top top a contempt toasted croissant. I take the croissant halves and also heat them reduced side under in a skillet that’s to be sprayed with cooking spray and also heated end MED HIGH heat. When they’re golden brown, ns let them cool slightly and then do my sandwich. Toasted bagels room another good option (everything bagels are my fave).



I love make this chicken salad a job or so front of time. Not only does it mean we acquire to eat ours sandwiches faster, it way all the flavors have actually plenty of time come mesh with each other as it’s hanging out in our refrigerator.

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Leftover chicken salad should be refrigerated in one airtight container and consumed in ~ 3-5 days.




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