Baby, it’s cold outside. Fortunately for every one of us, the chillier months also mean the return the the seasonal Chicken Tortilla Soup (available from November till March). Have no fear – warmth is here!

Although countless of our guests know and love the Tortilla Soup as-is, others might enjoy adding an ext heat to their already-spicy favorite. We recently sat down with a couple of Team Members indigenous Chicago -- one of the urban that assignment the most Chicken Tortilla Soup nationwide -- for some brand-new twists on this wintertime favorite.


Spice up the summer sprouts

Karina Myer is a born-and-raised Chicagoan, so she knows a thing or two about braving winter temps.

“When the soup rolls around in the winter, it’s usually my Christmas gift,” she says. “I eat it every day, and it definitely warms me up.”

She’s likewise a Team Member at the at Loyola Water Tower in downtown Chicago, and eats the soup on most days she works. Below are her peak tricks to aid her favorite soup pack even more punch.

•Insider Tip: add Ranch, Buffalo Sauce and also Texas Pete warm Sauce

“Adding Garlic and Herb Ranch offers the soup a nice, creamy texture, while adding different flavors to the soup,” states Myer. “Mixing the Buffalo Sauce and also the Texas Pete warm Sauce provides it also spicier!”

Even with the extra kick, some might not find it spicy enough. Because that those daring few, Myer claims to include a Spicy Filet on the side.

“Adding the Spicy Filet provides the meal even more zesty and also filling,” she says. “But the extra warmth is definitely not because that the faint of heart!”

Sour, Savory and also Cheesy

Also a native Chicagoan, Liana Gissendanner has been a Team Member at the at State & Lake for an ext than 3 years. Every winter, she establishes some creative, cooking concoctions during the restricted time the Chicken Tortilla Soup is available.

•Insider Tip: include bacon, lime and cheese

“I love acquisition the bacon we cook at the restaurant, crumbling that up and also putting it on the soup,” states Gissendanner. “It adds an additional savory facet to the spicy chicken that people can execute themselves if they take it the soup home.”

“To balancethose savory flavors, I choose to add a fresh-squeezed lime. ~ that, i sprinkle part shredded cheese ~ above top, which melts soon in the warm soup. It’s sort of favor eating a taco, and it’s amazing!”

Don’t have actually a lime lie around? Feel free to substitute v a fresh-squeezed lemon wedge instead, available at every restaurant.

Home for the Holidays

The Chicken Tortilla Soup tastes simply as an excellent heated up at home as it does at a restaurant, so for those spring to enjoy some warmth soup through the fire, Gissendanner has actually just the trick.

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•Insider Tip: dip it!

“Sometimes I gain chips and dip castle in the soup,” says Gissendanner. “Put a little sour cream on top, and it’s just like dipping right into chili.”

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