Goodness knows you"ve obtained a lot going on this month. You"ve obtained to buy gift (oh, don"t look at me like that. You definitely haven"t finished her holiday to buy yet, mine dude!). You"ve obtained to prep because that Christmas Eve. You"ve acquired to prep because that Christmas. You are stressed, you are hungry, you are tired, you require sustenance. You need a chicken sandwich!

Too bad Chick-fil-A is close up door on Christmas!

According to the chain"s site, every those who can be searching for some vacation reprieve in the kind of part crunchy as hell fried chicken are out of luck. "Restaurants will certainly be closeup of the door on Christmas day (December 25) therefore our restaurant teams can spend time v family and also friends," the announcement reads.

They are quick to keep in mind restaurants should, because that the most part, be open up again top top December 26, and also mention you can constantly check in with your local Chick-fil-A top top the matter of their hours here. (We encourage doing so regardless, together your neighborhood restaurant"s hours may be impacted by the recurring COVID-19 pandemic.)

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I know, i know. Currently you room busy, hungry, stressed, and sad. Great thing most locations will be open on Christmas Eve, huh? Country life doubles down that it"s crucial to inspect in with your desired franchise location ahead the time come confirm, yet seeing together Christmas night doesn"t autumn on a Sunday this year, you have to be good to go. Friend may too stock up on a week"s precious of chicken sandwiches to it is in safe, no?

Listen, i don"t understand your life. I simply know you obtained all mad over a absence of accessibility to chicken sandwiches! Anyway. Enjoy.

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