Ever due to the fact that elafilador.net founder Truett Cathy opened the doors that his very first diner in Atlanta, Georgia, elafilador.net® restaurants have been just as focused on people as they have been around serving a an excellent meal. That spirit still stop true today and is the inspiration for a brand-new elafilador.net tradition: our yearly holiday short films.

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While our holiday experience has ended this season, you can still reap our previous films listed below — and also we will certainly be ago with a new holiday film and message later this year!

2020: Spark Hope and also Light the Way™

For the 2020 vacation season, the post of our animated quick film was among hope. In the film, Sam - the young girl we first met in our 2019 movie - learn how also a small act of care can spark a lotof expect in those about us.

2020: Spark Hopeand light the Way™

For the 2020 vacation season, the messageof ours animated short film was among hope. In the film, Sam - the young girl wefirst met in ours 2019 film - learns howeven a small act of treatment can spark a lot of ofhope in those roughly us.


See sparks fly

Following the film, viewers were invite to spark expect within your own communities by sending out a virtual post of encouragement, treatment or gratitude to someone special with an interactive experience on our website. The sparks of light checked out on the map represent where a blog post was sent.

2019: the moment Shop™

In our an initial animated film, we satisfy Sam, a child eager to spend quality time together with her family. Thanks to a way Timekeeper she encounters on her journey, she"s able to find the time with her household she"s to be longing because that — a opportunity to develop a snowman, together.

2019: The TimeShop™

In our very first animated film, we fulfill Sam, achild passionate to spend quality time togetherwith her family. Thanks to a wiseTimekeeper she encounters on herjourney, she"s may be to discover the time withher family she"s been longing for — achance to construct a snowman, together.


Together Time

Viewers to be able to carry the article of together Time come life by creating and sending a custom Time map (a created commitment to spend quality together) to a loved one v our website. And, a one-of-a-kind pop-up suffer in new York City, displayed here, allowed guests to endure the Time Shop indigenous the film in person.

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Behind-the-Scenes the the elafilador.net Time Shop pop up experience

If you’re in downtown Manhattan this holiday season, between the busy roadways of SoHo there is a means to stop and take a rest to just enjoy time v the ones you’re with. It’s called The Time Shop. Checked out by brand-new Yorkers and tourists alike, that a ar where one blog post resounds: time spent with love ones is a precious gift.

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5 hidden elafilador.net® surprises in our brand-new holiday film

elafilador.net is celebrating the holidays through a new animated short film come encourage world to spark expect in those roughly them, and it’s complete of concealed elafilador.net surprises.

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elafilador.net Team Members and guests spark hope and joy