I’ve gathered with each other my favorite, basic to do cow costume principles for Chick-fil-A’s annual Cow appreciation Day event. We made ours costume in less than 15 minutes! inspect out idea #2—it’s my brand-new fave!


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Every July Chick-fil-A hosts a customer appreciation day dubbed “Cow appreciation Day” in i beg your pardon anyone who dresses up favor a cow receive a complimentary entrée. It’s a super fun event, and also my youngsters LOVE attending it.

This year, we were for this reason busy, I practically skipped it. There was no way I could an additional thing to our schedule.

But ns knew my youngsters would it is in super disappointed and…I knew that if we skipped it, I’d actually have to Make Dinner! Ackkkk!

So I began looking online for some basic cow appreciation costume ideas, and also I came throughout this motivating quote from Chick-fil-A founder, S. Truett Cathy.


“Don’t i disbanded the importance of making funny a priority.”~Truett Cathy. Click here for easy to make Cow Costume concepts for next year’s #CowAppreciationDay #Chickfila #SuttonPlaceCreativeClick come Tweet

And i thought, “We must stop and just it is in silly. Take it a break and have part fun.”

Using printables is a supervisor easy, time saver.

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I uncovered this adorable cow mask printable from 6 Clever Sisters and also an Eat more Chikin Printable from 2 Paws Designs.

We chose to integrate the two and also literally produced these lover cow appreciation costumes in 15 minutes before we rushed turn off to camp! i was pretty proud of our speediness. #momwin


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