The challenge was simple: architecture a t-shirt because that’s 13th yearly Cow appreciation Day, happening on July 11th, 2017,that makes people smile. The response was an amazing screen of creative thinking from team members throughout the country.

Team Members have constantly had a reputation for displaying imagination on Cow appreciation Day. In fact, restaurants have actually been developing their own unique Cow appreciation Day t-shirts because that years.

So, this year the folks at the home office in Atlanta chose to do it official and also sponsor the first-ever Team Member t-shirt design contest.

The submissions poured in. Spots, colors and also comical caricatures every coming together to present love because that the Cows.

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Eighty designs to be submitted during the contest, and after 3,000 Team Member and also franchise owner votes, the came down to three finalists…

Lauren Richmond CentreRichmond, Kentucky

Lauren is examining graphic design at east Kentucky University and will it is in a sophomore this comes fall, yet she’s been making art and design piece long before declaring her major. “I drew as a kid and also was constantly the college student my classmates would commission to draw their favorite pet or superhero. I was payment in gum the course.”

Lauren loves seeing households come inside her restaurant pull on their best Cow attire. “Colored Cow spots on a white t-shirt and a pink construction paper snout ~ above a full-grown man just makes me smile.” that do-it-yourself soul is the impetus behind her t-shirt, incorporating every the gives someone could use, “to fashion themselves a great cow costume.”

Marni van Lincoln Highway EastLancaster, Pennsylvania

Marni to be a super-fan the Cow appreciation Day long before joining the team. “My household went all the end making papier-mâché heads and outfitting ourselves native head to hoof. We also posed by a herd of real cows in ours costumes.” It’s the love the quirky humor that influenced her design. “I preserved coming back to just how the Team Members put on the shirts could ideal fit into the totality atmosphere of Cow evaluation Day! wearing something the made them actually look favor a cow seemed many appropriate.”

And the winner…

Jonell at Lake DowMcDonough, Georgia

For as long as she have the right to remember, Jonell has loved designing. It began as a hobby v pencil and document and evolved into a digital passion. “My an initial t-shirt draft were produced using PowerPoint!I had t-shirt printing companies call and also tell me that ns was a genius, since they had never viewed anyone use PowerPoint properly as a architecture software.”

That exact same digital theme assisted spark Jonell’s t-shirt design. “Like every an excellent Team Member, I use’s mobile app, One, come order food. I re-created the Cow icon and added that design to the earlier of the t-shirt.”

In addition to receiving $2,000 in prizes, Jonell’s style will it is in worn by Team Members across the nation during Cow evaluation Day ~ above Tuesday, July 11.

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