How one pan turned your love because that Cow evaluation Day into this year’s winning t-shirt design.

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Cow evaluation Day. It’s the sooner or later a year whereby herds that cow-clad guests come out to their neighborhood restaurants and show their spots in exchange for a totally free entrée. This year,’s 15th annual Cow evaluation Day will take place on Tuesday, July 9.

We’ve seen some “udderly” superior costumes over the years, ranging from last-minute equipment to hand-sewn outfits. Team Members love to join in top top the fun, too, frequently sporting a collection of ear or spots and also swapping their common uniform for a t-shirt designed especially for the day.

So, what’s the story behind those t-shirts?

Each year, Team Members from throughout the nation show their an innovative side with our Cow evaluation Day t-shirt style contest. Numerous designs are submitted, and once finalists room chosen, a vote competition identify the winner. What happens next? The architecture is featured top top the t-shirts of an ext than 40,000 Team Members—you’ll watch it on screen on July 9.

This year’s winner the the Cow evaluation Day t-shirt style contest is Amanda Boehle, restaurant marketing manager of Camp Wisdom & 360 in cool Prairie, Texas.

For Boehle, Cow evaluation Day has been a ancient tradition, earning chin a permanent spot on she calendar each year. As mommy to a 10-year-old, 9-year-old and also a 7-year old, Boehle has spent the past 10 years producing handmade costumes because that the whole family come wear.


Ever because becoming a Team Member at her local restaurant 5 years ago, Boehle’s love because that Cow evaluation Day has actually only grown. As soon as she to be announced as the winner that this year’s t-shirt architecture contest, it to be an interesting culmination that a longtime love for Cow evaluation Day.

“This Cow appreciation Day is walking to it is in one for the books,” said Boehle. “I can’t wait to check out my architecture being worn through so numerous Team Members on among my favourite days of the year.”

According to Boehle, she want her design to personify the Cow, highlighting the endearing attributes that fans of the famed bovines know and love.

For those looking come celebrate Cow appreciation Day this year, it’s this easy:

1. Note your calendars for Tuesday, July 9, 2019.

2. Produce your cow-clad look – the sky is the limit!

3. Visit your regional restaurant and enjoy a totally free entrée!

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