For the second year in a row, popular and controversial fried chicken chain Chick-fil-A, well-known for its incredibly delicious chicken sandwich, has actually postponed its annual Cow evaluation Day due to concerns over the continuous COVD-19 pandemic. Commemorated on the second Tuesday the July, it"s end up being a vital Chick-fil-A client appreciation day. Together the agency explained in a statement post on its website, "Ever due to the fact that 2005, us have celebrated Cow appreciation Day – a tradition for Chick-fil-A that gives us the chance to thank our guests and is one excuse to dress up like the Cows!"

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Prior come 2020, client who verified up at a participating Chick-fil-A throughout the event wearing any type of cow attire lot like the chain"s spotted bovine mascots were cure to a cost-free entrée (other than a salad) (via PR Newswire). The event ties in well with the chain"s "Eat Mor Chikin" project featuring those spotted and slightly rebellious mascots, which an initial launched in 1995 and also has since been the advertising project (via Business Insider). Cow appreciation Day has been a popular event for the chain, with around 1.95 million participants in 2018 (via USA Today).


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As was the situation in 2020, the postponement was because of safety concerns, and the chain"s emphasis on "keeping Safe company as our highest possible priority in ~ this time" (via Chick-fil-A website). Chick-fil-A is still operating only by way of the drive-thru and also curbside company at the minute (via Delish) and also has implemented amplified safety actions that incorporate social distancing, food safety, and frequent hand washing, and also daily health checks (via Chick-fil-A Safe service page).

However, Chick-fil-A doesn"t want the inability to gather in human to stop Cow evaluation Day celebrations altogether. The chain is encouraging pan to celebrate in ~ home and has put together a Pinterest board with much more than 50 family-friendly ways to memory cows and enjoy household fun time together, consisting of Moo bingo, scavenger hunts, coloring pages, stories, and also lessons on how to attract a cow (which may aid with costume concepts for next year"s Cow evaluation Day). In the meantime, why not get dressed increase head to hoof in her favorite moo costume top top Tuesday, July 13, 2021, and shot out some copycat Chick-fil-A recipes at home to share v your herd?