On July 12th, Chick-Fil-A ran that annual Cow appreciation Day where any type of customer dressed in cow attire received a cost-free entree. elafilador.net data shows that this seemingly silly promo is in reality exceptionally clever marketing worth in overfill of $8,000,000 in foot traffic.

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Chick-Fil-A commonly averages 3% of every QSR visits in the United says with the exemption of Sunday as soon as all Chick-Fil-A places are closed. The chart below plots Chick-Fil-A travellers in June and July together a portion of all QSR visits for every job of the week (without consisting of July 12th).


Graph showing chick-fil-a web traffic by work of week

However, if us look in ~ Chick-Fil-A visits together a percent of QSR visits on a everyday basis in July, Tuesday the 12th stands out all alone as being significantly higher (4.1% of total QSR traffic). Thats way that top top this one single day, Chick-Fil-A took an extra 1.1% that the whole QSR category. the lift is the identical of the daily foot website traffic to In-N-Out, White Castle, and also Carl’s Jr. Combined!


Graph showing rise in foot website traffic for chick-fil-a because of cow evaluation day

What is even an ext interesting is come look in ~ the sector share that Chick-Fil-A took on that day versus all the QSRs within 0.5 mile of the locations. In various other words, exactly how many civilization who to be going to a QSR and also were within striking street of a Chick-Fil-A chose to go there rather than a competitor? In this localized analysis Chick-Fil-A took an astounding 5% that the market.


Graph showing Chick-Fil-A share of visits within 0.5 mile of every location.

Clearly Cow appreciation Day worked and brought in a many customers. However how lot is this extra web traffic worth? us consumers spend $273 billion dollars a year in QSRs, which if you division by 365 work a year method that the total QSR sector is worth approximately $750 million a day. A 1.1% rise in foot traffic method Chick-Fil-A siphoned off around $8 Million in foot website traffic from the industry.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll check out the influence of this extra foot traffic and if it created sustainable (and paying) lift.

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