Chick-fil-A"s yearly Cow appreciation Day has actually been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The chicken chain has called the yearly tradition, whereby consumers get totally free food for dressing up favor a cow, its biggest single-day customer appreciation occasion and nearly 2 million civilization participating in past years. 

Cow appreciation Day started in 2005 v the free food giveaway being traditionally hosted in July at restaurants across the nation. Last year"s event was July 9.

"2020 has been a challenging year, and also for the time being, us have made decision to postpone the yearly holiday in respect of our beloved bovines," Chick-fil-A claimed in a statement come USA TODAY. 

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On the Cow appreciation Day website,, the firm said the decision to postpone was made with communities in mind and also keeping its "Safe Service" standards together a optimal priority.

"Until we can gather again in person and celebrate our Cows, we have created a few fun methods to keep the spirit of Cow evaluation Day lively this summer," the website says, note it has actually posted activities on Pinterest so family members can "enjoy cow-themed high quality time together."

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When the day will certainly be reserved for has not to be announced.

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"Check ago here in the coming months for updates ~ above Cow appreciation Day 2020," the website says. 

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