In a Facebook article Tuesday afternoon, Dwarf house management announced the the lovely landmark restaurant will temporarily near April 30 because that a "full restaurant remodel."

"To ours beloved Guests and Friends, the Hapeville Dwarf house will be temporarily close up door on April 30 for a complete restaurant remodel. We will certainly be reopening later this year through a look and design the not only honors ours past, yet moves us to the future. Start March 15 v April 24, we"ll be supplying reservation just seating because that breakfast and dinner, where we invite girlfriend to join us because that a last meal within our full serve dining room."

Planning files filed through the City of Hapeville indicate that the restaurant will certainly be rather a bit bigger than the predecessor. The existing Dwarf home is 6,136 square feet (enlargedin the 1980sfrom its initial size) if the new restaurant will be a reported 10,642 square feet! In addition, and unlike other recent rebuilds in metro Atlanta, the brand-new restaurant will function a unique outdoor beat area and amplified outdoor dining areas, according to renderings the the project.

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The brand-new restaurant will certainly feature elements of the original Dwarf residence andwill continue to bear the Dwarf house designation, but will it is in unlike any kind of other Dwarf residence in size or scale, according to a widely shared rendering of the completed project.


Chick-fil-A purchased and consolidated 4 parcels to type one 2.7-acre building at 461 North main Avenue (current home of The Dwarf House). The rebuilt restaurant will function "a mix of styles throughout the background of the ownership and will act together a tribute to Truett Cathy"s devotion to serving quality commodities to his consumers," Chick-fil-A manager of strategic Reinvestment Joseph Latimer wrote in a summary of the project.

The Hapeville Dwarf House, originally The Dwarf Grill, an initial opened in 1946, and also became recognized as the birthplace the the Chick-fil-A sandwich. Pre-pandemic, the restaurant was open up six job a weeks, 24 hrs a day, and also for many, was a constant stop as soon as going come or comes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta worldwide Airport.

Dwarf residence restaurants are in numerous ways similar to classic Chick-fil-A restaurants except for two crucial differences: they function dine-in service and also they offerspecialty sides such as green Beans, Fried Okra, Cornbread and also Chicken Salad, in addition totraditional CFA menu items.


Today, with an ext than 2,400 restaurants in 47 states and also Washington D.C., Chick-fil-A has actually the greatest same-store sales and is the biggest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the joined States, based on yearly system-wide sales.

It"s unclear when specifically the "later this year" reopening in Hapeville will be, but given the the restaurant will certainly be unlike any type of other Dwarf house or Chick-fil-A restaurant in existence, it"s same to to speak it will be a longer procedure than the agency has gone through with various other projects.

The agency debuted its usage of modular construction when the rebuilt a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Roswell this past fall. The first generation freestanding restaurant to be demolished, rebuilt and reopened in ~ twelve weeks. The process - highlighted here - renders use the prefab building sections that room made and constructed offsite and then assembled, choose Legos or Lincoln Logs, on location. This process, while easier and an ext economical than classic construction, will likely not it is in feasible because that the bulk of the Hapeville project provided the size, complexity and also unique design of the restaurant.


There were as soon as a full of eleven Dwarf house restaurants, however following the rebuild task in Hapeville, there will be just five original locations (buildings) remaining: Duluth, Fayetteville, Jonesboro, forest Park and Riverdale. Chick-fil-A has actually in current years rebuilt Dwarf house restaurants in Griffin, Newnan, Rome and Stockbridge, and also will on march 19 close their Woodstock Dwarf residence on Highway 92 to carry out the same. When reopened, the restaurants room stripped of your "Dwarf House" designation and are rather referred to together "Truett"s Chick-fil-A" restaurants.

The wood storm project, i m sorry ToNeTo Atlanta exclusively reported top top in 2019, will feature museum elements comparable to what the firm plans to encompass in the brand-new Hapeville restaurant. Truett"s Chick-fil-A wooden storm is supposed to re-open august 26.

The Hapeville Dwarf residence announced Monday that it has opened a different catering and also delivery-focused basic that will certainly serve the neighborhood while the Dwarf home is closed, and also will continue to be open as soon as the brand-new location debuts, to complement catering and also delivery needs. The brand-new outpost, less than a mile native the Dwarf House, offers in-house and third party delivery and curbside pick-up and catering.

"We"re dazzling to announcement the cool Opening the Truett"s Chick-fil-A Catering and also Delivery, located at 801 Virginia avenue in Hapeville. This deal with has deep root in Chick-fil-A"s background as our first corporate office, and is currently the house of Chick-fil-A"s catering and delivery work in Hapeville."

Both the Dwarf House and also the Catering and also Delivery facility space owned and operated by Kevin Moss, a 25 year Chick-fil-A veteran.

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For those wishing to take part in the "Last Bite" event at the Hapeville Dwarf House, the restaurant will be featuring a special food selection with commemorative merchandise and also surprises!

meals will expense $25 and also will come through a drink, a 2 Egg Breakfast Platter through your choice of meat and also a piece of exclusive critical Bite event merchandise. Kid"s meals will cost $10 and also will come v a breakfast kid’s meal that has a boy entrée, a boy side, a boy drink, and also a surprise."

"Adult meals will expense $30 and also will come v a drink, entrée, 2 sides, a dessert and also a item of exclusive last Bite occasion merchandise. Kid"s meals will cost $10 and also will come with a kid’s meal that includes a boy entrée, a son side, a son drink, a dessert and a surprise."

Reservations because that the "Last Bite" meals deserve to be made here.

What room your think on the plan demolition and also rebuilding that the initial Chick-fil-A Dwarf House? would certainly you walk for a "Last Bite" in ~ the Dwarf residence in Hapeville? What is your favorite Chick-fil-A food selection item?