As the saying goes, “You space what you wear,” and also that sentiment is specifically close to David Rissier’s heart. That’s because Rissier’s job is to ensure an ext than 120,000 human being feel confident and also comfortable as they serve…you guessed it: chicken.

“We want restaurant Team Members to feel good about what they put on every day,” claims Rissier, service Innovation Manager. “We desire them to feel self-confident, not self-conscious.” To execute that, Rissier looks come a team of professional designers, the U.S. Military and within restaurants.

Rissier knows obtaining the uniform right is crucial. Once inquiry restaurant employees around their uniforms, 87% said they were among the most important determinants in their overall job satisfaction.

One dimension (Does Not) Fit every

To get it right, Rissier phone call on seasoned architecture partners, as well as the civilization who will be wearing the uniforms, to produce a practice head-to-toe program, native hats and also caps to socks and shoes. Restaurant Operators and Team Members sit on a the supervisory board to represent the various style preferences of workers in 2,200 restaurants in 48 states.


“We must take into factor to consider the climate, place in the restaurant and also even the layouts of the diverse teams in the restaurants,” Rissier says. “We desire to ensure the a Team Member in Texas has actually the right apparel to remain cool during the summer, when a Team Member in Michigan has the appropriate jacket to keep warmth through frigid winters.”

And when customers visit restaurants in varying cities and states, they’ll notification a difference. Restaurant teams may choose the style and color of your uniforms, consisting of insulated parkas in colder climates, to designer shorts and moisture-wicking shirts where it’s warm. People in leadership roles choose from an “executive line” the higher-end blouses, shirts and ties, which Rissier says may aid inspire Team Members to stay and advance in the restaurant. has even partnered with a company that makes military equipment to produce a one-of-a-kind cold/hot pack that employees deserve to wear. It protects them from excessive temperatures and also keeps them hydrated while acquisition orders external in the drive-thru line (they can fill it through iced water – or also hot coffee - and also drink native it!).

Style v an affect’s uniform style extends far past the practical, in-restaurant services – it even makes an affect on the planet.

In 2016, began to produce uniform polo shirts make from 100-percent recycle plastic bottles. Every Team Member polo is make of nine-to-nineteen recycle bottles, saving 7 million bottles from U.S. Landfills since the regime began.

“It’s encouraging that one day we’ll look ago on this and also know that us played a part in act something really good for the planet,” states Rissier.

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“We hope to instill a sense of pride in Team Members once they put on their uniform. Because we truly think that ‘you are what friend wear.’”

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