Order ~ above the Chick-fil-A app, for carry-out, in ~ the drive-thru, or for shipment in choose locations.

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A couple of days ago, us learned the Chick-fil-A postponed its annual Cow evaluation Day in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, some better news because that fans out of the Atlanta, Georgia, based restaurant chain: Chick-fil-A develop Your Own household Meal majority will now be offered at Chick-fil-A restaurants nationwide (excluding licensed locations) beginning this week.

The offerings enable families and small groups to develop their own customized meal sets in quantities of four at a discount compared to purchasing the items à la carte. Here's the present lineup:

Entrées: pick from a 30-count Chick-fil-A® Nuggets, four Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches, and also four Spicy Chicken Sandwiches.Sides: Choose from four Medium Waffle Potato Fries, 4 Medium Mac & Cheeses, 4 Waffle Potato Chips, 4 Fruit Cups, 4 Kale Crunch Sides, or four Chocolate Chunk Cookies.Beverages: Choose indigenous one gallon of Freshly-Brewed Iced Tea, either sweetened or unsweetened, or one gallon of Lemonade, either continual or diet.


If you'd like to, you have the right to also include Chick-fil-A sauces to her order, currently accessible for acquisition in pick flavors in either eight-ounce tubs or party at participating restaurants. We have a feeling acquiring four civilization to agree ~ above Chick-fil-A Sauce, Polynesian, Barbeque, honey Mustard, or Garden Herb Ranch will be fairly the task, for this reason be all set to tack on an extra sauce or two.

Initially, a modified variation of these A construct Your Own family members Meals debuted in ~ 800 Chick-fil-A places this spring, garnering sufficient positive feedback and also success because that the brand to result in this nationwide rollout. Learn much more about the new Build your Own family Meals ~ above Chick-fil-A's blog here.

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It's been a day. You deserve a night turn off from cooking. Go ahead and treat you yourself to several of those cacao Chunks and also a TV streaming session. The Chick-fil-A cow would certainly approve.