Several restaurants room baiting customers that observe Lent through a smorgasbord of seafood specials.

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The fish fare is most prevalent ~ above Fridays leading as much as Easter, a time when many Catholics give up meat. Some restaurants and churches have Fish fry Fridays or Fish Frydays.

Ash Wednesday marked the begin of Christian Lent and restaurants from fast-food chains to fine-dining establishments have broadened deep-sea menus because that the season.

Lent is a six-week duration of fasting, self-sacrifice and prayer observed by believer each year to prepare because that the celebration of Easter, once they think Christ increased from the dead.

Here space the limited-time menu items and some popular year-round options, i m sorry are obtainable at participating locations. To it is in on the for sure side, constantly check v your the next location prior to heading out.

Filet-O-Fish 2019:McDonald"s renowned fish sandwich is available every day, not simply Lent

Fish-fil-A:Chick-fil-A serves up fish sandwiches because that Lent through April 20


Seafood specials

A&W: The chain has Pub Style Cod and Shrimp Baskets.

Arby’s: for a limited time, acquire two fish sandwiches for $5.

Bakers Square: The chain’s seasonal menu contains Fish ‘n Chips, Seared Salmon and Lemon Butter Tilapia. On Fridays for a restricted time indigenous 5 come 9 p.m., there’s an All You deserve to Eat Friday Fish Fry where for $12 girlfriend can obtain golden-battered cod served with creamy tartar sauce, seasoned French fries and an option of coleslaw or fresh fruit.

Bojangles’: The BojAngler Fish Sandwich & plate returns come participating Bojangles" restaurants through April 21 or while gives last. Many locations will market two BojAngler sandwiches for $5.

Bonefish Grill: Starting in march 8, acquire the Angler’s catch on Fish Frydays offered every Friday during lent v “tempura-style, hand-battered crispy cod, sea scallops and shrimp served on a bed the French fries with house-made coleslaw and also a next of cocktail and also tartar sauce for under $20.”

Boston Market: because that a restricted time on Fridays, the chain has actually a Baked ko meal. 

Burger King: Big Fish sandwiches space now had in the chain"s 2 for $6 mix or complement special for a restricted time. Choices include: Whopper, Crispy Chicken, Spicy Crispy Chicken and also the large Fish Sandwich.

Captain D"s: Through April 28, pick from the giant Fish Sandwich or 2 North Atlantic Lobster Rolls because that $3.99. A side and also drink can be included for $1.79 more.

Chick-fil-A: The chicken chain"s Fish Sandwich is on sale now at choose restaurants till April 20, the day prior to Easter. It"s not available every day and is no widely accessible nationwide. The beginning price is $3.55.

Chipotle: The fast-casual mexican chain has increased its way of life Bowls through meatless "plant-powered" options. Plant-Powered bowls space the very first extensions in the brand"s way of life Bowl offering, which launched earlier this year with Keto, Paleo, Whole30 and twin protein diet-approved food selection options, the company said in a statement. 

Chipotle Rewards:Get complimentary chips and also guac after first purchase with brand-new loyalty program

Church’s Chicken: For a minimal time, the chain has a $5 Pick-Your-Platter with 3 options: Garlic Butter Shrimp Platter, Shrimp ‘n’ Tenders Platter and the Crispy Fish Platter.

Cotton patch Cafe: For a minimal time, “All You have the right to Eat Catfish Frydays” space back. For $13.99, gain made-to-order crispy catfish fillets offered over fries with jalapeno hushpuppies and two legacy sides.

Cracker Barrel: Starting at 11 a.m. Fridays, guests deserve to order the chain"s popular Friday Fish Fry, which includes crispy fried ko fillets. Offered with choice of two country sides.

Culver"s: The chain outlined six meatless options, including North Atlantic Cod, Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp value Basket, soups, sides and the seasonal Northwoods Walleye. 

Dairy Queen: Wild Alaskan Pollock Sandwich and Popcorn Shrimp Basket space “back for the season,” the chain says on that is website.

Del Taco: For a limited time, acquire two the Del Taco’s Beer stop Fish taco for $4 at areas nationwide. Price and participation might vary through location.

El Pollo Loco: The chain has actually shrimp specials choose shrimp tacos and shrimp and avocado enchilada platters.

Golden Chick: For a restricted time, the chain has a southern Fried Catfish Combo, which includes two piece of catfish, fries, coleslaw, a yeast roll and also a 20-ounce drink because that $7.99.

Logan’s Roadhouse: Seasonal specials include many seafood dishes prefer Tex-Mex Tilapia.

Max & Erma’s: A seasonal seafood menu is available through April 28.

McDonald"s: The Filet-O-Fish is easily accessible daily in ~ the fast-food chain.

Morton’s The Steakhouse: because that a restricted time top top every Friday throughout Lent, Morton’s is giving Twin Lobster Tails because that $39. Bookings are required, and also the offer is available from 5 p.m. Come close Fridays through April 12.

Nathan"s Famous: The new grouper sandwich is accessible at participating locations, for a minimal time.

Noodles & Company: Zucchini Shrimp Scampi and also Penne Rosa through shrimp space two limited-time options.

Panda Express: Wok-Fired Shrimp is accessible for a limited time and also the "lent-approved food marries seared premium shrimp and fresh cut vegetables with each other in a sweet, savory and also spicy entrée," the firm said.

Popeyes: For a limited time, gain a $5 southerly Butterfly Shrimp meal, i m sorry comes v eight butterfly shrimp “marinated in classic Louisiana seasonings.”

Quiznos: Lobster and seafood subs are earlier for a restricted time.

Red Lobster: Lobsterfest is back for a restricted time and also the seafood chain has its largest choice of lobster dishes available all year. Likewise for a restricted time on Tuesdays indigenous 11 a.m. Come 6 p.m., gain the ultimate Lobster Roll and also Bisque because that $15.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill: starting March 6 and through Easter, the Italian restaurant chain will have actually a Fresh record menu with two fish dishes: the Italian Fish fry for $20, i beg your pardon is beer stop sole, shrimp and also calamari, and the Grilled Fish Feast, a mahi-mahi filet, served with shrimp and also scallop spiedini for $25.

Roy Rogers: Through might 5, obtain the Wild Pacific ko Sandwich because that $4.99 or the Wild Pacific Cod platter for $7.99, which consists of two ko portions and also two sides.

Taco Bueno: Shrimp taco are accessible for a minimal time.

Taco Cabana: The Texas-based chain has brand-new Crispy Fish Tacos for $2.99 each or 2 for $5.69.

Taco John’s: Fish Tacos and also Shrimp Street taco are earlier for a limited time.

Wendy"s: The phibìc Pacific cod Sandwich is earlier for a restricted time and also starts at $3.99.

Wienerschnitzel: Fish ‘n Chips are obtainable for the season.

Willy"s mexico Grill: for lent, gain Mahi Mahi Fish tacos on Fridays for $7.95 for 2 tacos in ~ participating locations.

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White Castle: Fish Nibblers, Shrimp Nibblers, Fish Slider and also the Seafood Crab Cake Slider are part of the chain"s limited-time one-of-a-kind menu.

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