Seasonal offerings from quick food chains are nothing new, however for numerous practicing Christians and fish fanatics, the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday is cause for celebration. Every year, choose chains release distinct fish-based menu items to cater to the dietary limitations the Lenten season locations upon Christians. 

NPR argues the reason Christians (and Catholics especially) provide up meat top top Fridays throughout this time is due to the fact that they think Jesus died on a Friday and they need to honor the sacrifice through fasting. This exercise of fasting deserve to be traced together far ago as the first century. During the reign of King Edward VI, who ended up being king after the fatality of his infamous father King Henry VIII in 1547, fasting days came to be legally mandated. This to be put right into place through a regulation that read, "for worldly and also civil policy, to preventive flesh, and also use fish, because that the advantage of the commonwealth, where countless be fishers, and also use the profession of living." 

Many fishermen had to be hurting financially, together eating fish and fasting had fallen the end of vogue during King Henry VIII"s reign because of the monarch"s break-up with the roman Catholic Church and establishment that the Church the England. An additional reason for abstaining indigenous meat also dates ago to those at an early stage days of the Catholic Church, because as meat was thought about a high-end at the time, going without was an action of self-discipline (via Washington Post). 

In an article published well prior to the arrival of Chick-fil-A"s fish-based menu items, USA Today reported the the seasonal fish sandwich trend originated in 1962 at a McDonald"s near Cincinnati, Ohio. The owner, Lou Groen, was dealing with slumping sales during the Lenten season due to the high number of Roman Catholics life in the area his franchise was located. Ago in this time period, numerous Catholics abstained from eating meat every Friday that the year, and went meat-free for the whole 40-day period of Lent.

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Groen saw exactly how well an additional local chain, Frisch"s, did through its fish sandwich during this season. He visited McDonald"s chief beam Kroc v his idea to market this sandwich, and also the rest is history. Groen said the outlet, "My fish sandwich to be the very first addition ever to McDonald"s original menu, it saved my franchise."

According come Chick-fil-A"s blog, The Chicken Wire, Chick-fil-A will sell fish on the food selection at choose restaurants native Wednesday, February 26 with Saturday, April 11. The post even offers a handy perform of every place the sandwich and other fish-based meals will be available, so you can inspect to view if your local chain will have it on hand before heading over. Chick-fil-A says you can likewise order ahead through their application to choose up in store. 

Blog Brand Eating says that select Chick-fil-A restaurants sell two sports of the fish-based sandwich — the traditional Fish Sandwich and the deluxe Fish Sandwich. The timeless Fish Sandwich has two pieces of breaded and also fried cod through tartar sauce and dill pickles on a buttered and toasted bun, and also the deluxe Fish Sandwich upgrades this with slices the tomato, lettuce, and American cheese.

Chick-fil-A notes you can also purchase the fish fillets in orders of two or three, in addition to a next of waffle fries. Business Insider reports the classic Fish Sandwich contains 370 calories, if the deluxe Fish Sandwich has 430, through the filet two- or three-packs coming in in ~ 190 calories for two fillets or 280 because that three. The fish sandwich can be a healthier option for eaters than the classic Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, i beg your pardon Chick-fil-A"s nutritional overview lists as containing 440 calories.

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Last year, USA Today reported the price that the classic Fish Sandwich began at $3.35, the deluxe Fish Sandwich at $4.15. The box meals began at $3.09 for two fillets v waffle fries, or $4.59 for three plus waffle fries. The brand join other quick food carriers offering fish choices for the an initial time in 2016, joking the the news that a seasonal menu for it"s customers searching for an alternative to chicken is "fin-tastic". Chick-fil-A"s fish sandwich is getting great reviews, with Catholic News Agency declare the just cons space that the fish offerings space not obtainable at every location and that they space made come order, which means they are really fresh but you also have to wait a bit longer than when placing an order for a chicken dish.

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The Catholic News firm also ranked Chick-fil-A No. 1 amongst the fast food chains offering fish during lent, and also gave the classic Fish Sandwich 5 the end of 5 fishes.