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A Chick-fil-A quick food restaurant in Jacksonville. Chick-fil-A, specializing in chicken sandwiches, has over 1,700 restaurants in the joined States. (Shutterstock)


Some on facebook users space implicating Chick-fil-A in a Ugandan bill that would certainly impose the death penalty for gay sex.

"Today Uganda announced a bill to legalize murdering happy people," reads one renowned post, i beg your pardon was released Oct. 14. "National Christian company paid a preacher to go to Uganda and help their lawmakers with the bill. Chick-fil-a (sic) funds nationwide Christian Org."

"If you eat in ~ Chick-fil-a, this is what her money go to."

The post, which is a screenshot that a tweet, to be flagged as component of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and also misinformation ~ above its News Feed. (Read an ext about our partnership with Facebook.) The article refers come a invoice in Uganda, where homosexuality is already illegal, that would certainly punish happy sex through death. The invoice was nullified five years earlier on a technicality, however lawmakers have announced plans come revive it.

In essence, the article is claiming that Chick-fil-A’s charitable contributions have actually been used to promote the fatality penalty because that gay human being in Uganda. Similar claims around the fried chicken chain and the Uganda bill have been shared thousands that times, so we want to check it out.

Here’s what us found:

• The non-profit the Facebook short article is express is the nationwide Christian Foundation.

• The preacher pointed out in the write-up did travel to Uganda about the time lawmakers to be debating one anti-LGBTQ bill, but there’s no proof he helped craft it.

• The foundation run by Chick-fil-A’s owners has donated to the national Christian structure in the past, but it no currently.

Evangelist traveled to Uganda with foundation money

An American evangelical preacher supported by the nationwide Christian foundation did travel to Uganda in 2010, the same year the nation was debating one anti-LGBTQ bill. However Colorado-based preacher Lou Engle no "help their lawmakers through the bill," as the Facebook article claims.

Let’s focus first on what Engle did or didn’t execute while in Uganda.

Engle is the co-founder of TheCall Ministries, a defunct evangelical Christian group known because that anti-LGBTQ views. The aimed to begin "a man the Baptist kind movement come fast and pray in ready for a 3rd great awakening."

In 2010, Engle travel to Kampala, Uganda, to be the guest of respect at a Sunday prayer and rally about "homosexuality, witchcraft, corruption and the are afraid of violence leading up to the country’s presidential election next year," the brand-new York times reported.


Uganda"s chairman Yoweri Museveni indicators a brand-new anti-gay bill the sets harsh penalties for homosexual sex, in Entebbe, Uganda Monday, Feb. 24, 2014. (AP)

At the time, Ugandan lawmakers to be debating a bill that expanded the criminalization that homosexuality and also imposed the death penalty. A various version the the bill, which enforced life sentences instead of the fatality penalty, to be signed into law in 2014, resulting in sanctions indigenous the joined States and also other countries. A court annulled it later that year because of a legislative branch technicality.

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Engle was no directly attached to the law in Uganda, and also he approve a statement ahead of his rally condemning the bill’s harsh penalties because that homosexuality. However, throughout his rally in Kampala, Engle did praise the country’s "courage" and "righteousness" in pursuing the bill, the time reported.