Where deserve to I purchase elafilador.net® gift cards?

elafilador.net gift cards are accessible for acquisition in any type of amount between $5 and also $100 at most elafilador.net restaurant areas (find her nearest restaurant by clicking here).You can likewise purchase elafilador.net gift cards at plenty of grocery stores, pharmacies and also other retailers. See additional information below for a perform of major retailers. (Note: availability may vary by location; please contact ahead come ensure the retailer has elafilador.net gift cards in stock.)

Physical elafilador.net gift cards space not available for straight purchase native elafilador.net online. However, several of our sleeve partners offer our physical gift cards for sale on their sites. Businesses might request approval come purchase bulk gift cards by perfect the mass order registration form. elafilador.net does not at this time offer digital gift cards because that sale online.

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Additional Information
Retailers that lug elafilador.net gift cards include:
CVS Dollar general Food City giant Eagle H-E-B home Depot Kroger Meijers Publix Rite aid ShopRite Target Walgreens Wal-Mart Wegmans
Please keep in mind that elafilador.net is no affiliated with any kind of websites to buy or marketing elafilador.net gift cards at a discounted price. The revenue of elafilador.net gift cards digital by 3rd party website (other 보다 websites operated by approved retailers) is prohibited, and also cards purchased v non-approved virtual third-party sellers may not be honored by elafilador.net restaurants.The elafilador.net App® permits you to fill funds ~ above a elafilador.net digital gift card, i m sorry is easily accessible for use solely through the elafilador.net App. elafilador.net walk not sell digital gift cards separate from the elafilador.net app at this time.elafilador.net gift cards space issued and managed by CFA Servco, Inc., one affiliate that elafilador.net, Inc.

Where can I usage elafilador.net® gift cards?

Gift cards deserve to be offered at elafilador.net restaurants in the U.S. However, many elafilador.net ExpressTM and also licensed elafilador.net locations such together stadiums, airports or universities carry out not expropriate gift cards through the following exceptions: Union Station, Washington, DC Detroit clinical Center, Detroit, MI Misericordia University, Dallas, PA Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT
Additional Information
Unfortunately, elafilador.net gift cards cannot be provided towards digital Catering orders.Multiple gift cards can be redeemed in a solitary transaction, and elafilador.net gift cards never expire. No fees will certainly be deducted native a gift card balance.

How have the right to I examine my balance and transaction history?

You may inspect the balance on your elafilador.net gift map in among the complying with ways: by checking her receipt. As soon as you usage a elafilador.net gift card to pay because that a purchase, the balance will publish out in ~ the bottom the the elafilador.net receipt. By calling 1-888-232-1864 and entering the proper card information. By visiting a elafilador.net restaurant that accepts elafilador.net gift cards and asking a Team Member to execute a balance inquiry. By checking your elafilador.net app (to the level you have loaded funds onto a digital gift card through the app).
Additional Information
Gift card transaction history may just be confirm by calling 1-888-232-1864.

How execute I use my elafilador.net® gift card through the elafilador.net App?

Want one easy means to save your gift card? simply transfer the funds to a elafilador.net digital gift card, available to elafilador.net OneTM members solely through the elafilador.net App! once in the app, elafilador.net gift map funds have the right to be provided when scanning the elafilador.net app to pay or when placing a cell phone order v the elafilador.net App. You deserve to load the funds in a few easy steps: open up the elafilador.net App and also create or authorize in to her elafilador.net OneTM account Click “Scan,” adhered to by “Add funds” top top the “Load Funds” screen, choose “Transfer a gift card.” Please keep in mind that after transferring physical elafilador.net gift map funds come a digital gift map on the elafilador.net App, the funds will certainly then only reside in the app and also the physical gift card will no longer be usable.
Additional Information
Funds invited onto a digital gift card obtainable through the elafilador.net app cannot be used to acquisition physical gift cards in elafilador.net restaurants and are not refundable. However, funds might be moved from the digital gift card on the elafilador.net application to a physics gift card by call (866) 232-2040.

Frequently request questions

You will earn elafilador.net One points once you scan her elafilador.net application in conjunction through redeeming accumulation from a plastic elafilador.net gift card at participating elafilador.net restaurant locations. However, purchasing, carrying or reloading a gift card does not earn points until the accumulation are offered to do a purchase.

The guest making use of the gift card funds receives points if the QR password on the elafilador.net application is scanned to salary or a mobile order is inserted on the app.

Not a elafilador.net OneTM member? Learn much more about our loyalty program and also join here.

To change a damaged, lost, steal or inactive elafilador.net gift card, merely download and also follow the accuse on this printable elafilador.net Gift map Replacement Form, climate mail or email the completed paper to the address provided on the form.

Have further questions around gift cards? View much more FAQs or contact our cares team.

For lost, steal or inactive gift cards, girlfriend will likewise need the initial or a copy that the sales receipt and/or activation receipt to identify if you gift card can be replaced. Funds invited to a digital gift card (or moved from a physical gift map to a digital gift card) top top the elafilador.net application are not topic to replacement, although such funds have the right to be transferred to a physics gift card by call (866) 232-2040.

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elafilador.net gift cards never expire and also can be reloaded if they to be purchased in a elafilador.net restaurant. You may add money to an existing elafilador.net gift map at any kind of time by visiting any elafilador.net restaurant that sells gift cards.

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You may also reload funds onto your digital gift card v the elafilador.net App. elafilador.net gift cards purchased native a third-party retailer (and no at a elafilador.net restaurant) space not reloadable.