Chick-fil-A’s amazing legacy when castle open new restaurant locations: very first 100 Giveaway. There space two versions: the 12-Hour Campout and the Red Carpet Rollout Giveaway. For the overnight event, civilization camp the end in the new restaurant parking lot because that a opportunity to win free Chick-fil-A food for an entire year. The legacy started by accident as soon as a brand-new restaurant in Arizona opened and also the team was looking for a way to sector this huge event. Hundreds of world showed up because that a opportunity to win, regional news helicopters hovered over the parking lot, and a new tradition to be born.

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How the free Food Giveaway Works

You can’t get involved in the very first 100 Giveaway uneven you live in among the designated zip codes. Girlfriend can discover this details at This is expected to discourage civilization from travel from exterior the neighborhood area to success the free food. If an ext than 100 people show up to try to win cost-free food, the restaurant will perform a random drawing at the beginning of the event. Every eligible human receives one ticket and employees will certainly randomly attract 100 tickets. ~ the an initial 100 Winners have been chosen, castle will draw ten more tickets for civilization who will certainly be alternates, in situation someone drops out.

What “Free Food for a Year” really Means

When i think the “free food for a year” ns imagine gift able to eat everything I want, any kind of day that the week. (Except Sundays of course!) yet that’s no actually what the prize because that the first 100 promo is. Winners get a digital sell card with 52 totally free meals the include:

The prize is worth about $325, depending on the ar of the restaurant and how much a number one combo expenses in that component of the country.

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The Time ns Camped the end to Win free Food

I have never had the possibility to camp the end at a Chick-fil-A grand opening (other than when we to visit the Berry ranches opening in Franklin, Tennessee.) However, ns did camp out to win cost-free Dunkin’ Donuts because that a year! together I recall it was much less organized 보다 the Chick-fil-A events, but my friends and I did finish up winning cost-free food for a year. It was on a punch card and also I remember the squares were smaller sized than the punch so nobody of united state felt favor we got the full reward. I think we acquired a tiny tired that the food anyway! I additionally lived in a Pontiac Aztec for a week to try to victory it however ended increase getting second place. Mine prize was a TV, VCR and a camcorder. I think I likewise gained 10 pounds from sitting so much!


Camping out in the parking lot to win free food for a year.

First 100 Campouts are Festive Fun

Judging through our experience at the Berry Farms, Tennessee first 100 Campout, these are an extremely fun, festive events full of raving fans. Us met a group of heifers (a name they come up with, not us!) put on cow costumes and also holding handmade indicators just for the occasion. There is music, totally free food and lots the fun. So if a Chick-fil-A ever opens in your neighborhood consider trying come win totally free food for a year. You’ll probably likewise walk away with some great memories. In fact, we did a fast Facebook poll and also heard native several world who had actually fun, memorable experiences from camping the end to win something:

Amelia: “I won a challenge to camp out at the Chick-fil-A opening in the university Football hall of fame in ATL! therefore fun. Us slept ~ above the football field and they played football movies every night…won tickets to the opening game, many football/Chick fil a goodies and also Chick fil a for a year!”Matthew: “My buddy and I literally camped out for complimentary gear and also gift cards once REI opened in Cincinnati.”Tim: “It was a dark and also stormy night… Literally! Camped out through a team of Youth pastors this previous October for the opening of our Chick-fil-A. Pouring rain till around midnight… Cold and also windy! Couldn’t discover my tent so I supplied a beach tent, you know those fifty percent tents you use for shade. Naturally, the local news station found us, and also we were featured.”

Did girlfriend camp the end at a first 100 Giveaway? wednesday love to hear around it! Hit united state up on on facebook or Instagram!