How deserve to something in ~ Chick-fil-A it is in underrated? known so well for their classic fried chicken sandwich, the grilled chicken is periodically an afterthought on the menu. Friend should absolutely consider it; grilled chicken is healthy, short in calories, and quite refreshing. The steps might seem daunting, yet making Chick-fil-A"s grilled chicken is pretty straightforward and quite delicious. So can you make it? You gambling you can!


The ingredient perform for the Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich just can raise some eyebrows. You need a chicken breast, multi-grain bun (or wheat if friend can"t discover them), green leaf lettuce, a tomato, apple cider vinegar, water, onion powder, garlic powder, exhilaration paprika, orange juice, grape juice, chicken stock, molasses and also salt. The complete ingredients list is at the finish of this article, together with a step-by-step recipe.

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When you bite right into a Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich, there"s something unmistakably juicy around it. There are a ton of copycat recipes online, and most include milk, buttermilk and pickle juice — three points not in the official ingredients. Therefore what"s the deal? What is that distinct flavor walk on with the Chick-fil-A grilled sandwich? and how perform you get those amazing grill clues on the chicken?


The vital ingredient to the grilled chicken is... Chicken. Okay, well, you most likely knew that, however unlike Chipotle, Chick-fil-A offers chicken breasts. The mean cooked Chick-fil-A grilled chicken weighs 4 ounces — and also your average chicken chest doesn"t. We need to do two points to get the chicken ready: butterfly it and also flatten it. A knife and also a meat mallet will get it done. Come butterfly, place the chicken flat and run your knife v the middle separating the top and also bottom right into petty same parts.


No meat mallet? No problem. I don"t have one either. There space plenty of means to actually flatten a piece of chicken. The easiest method is the ole "double cut board" trick. Place your item of chicken in between two cutting boards (lined v foil, if friend prefer), and also press. If girlfriend don"t think you have the toughness to press the chicken down level enough, you deserve to gently usage a constant rubber mallet top top the cutting board for some added pressure.


Now we need to get that unique flavor right into the chicken. Most civilization will phone call you the Chick-fil-A marinates your chicken in pickle juice. Well... kinda. If you read the actual ingredients because that the grilled chicken sandwich, it"s no too much off from a pickle brine, i m sorry is equal components water and vinegar. However there space some other things in there the don"t seem ideal — choose orange juice, grape juice, and also molasses, to surname a few. There"s only one method to obtain to the bottom of this, and also that"s to shot them both.

If you accept that all that water, to apologize cider vinegar, etc, is simply pickle juice, and also that"s the flavorful, unique taste you get in the sandwich, climate just obtain a seasoned of dill pickles, and pour the juice native it over a item of chicken and also marinate because that a minimum of 4 hours. It"s not the prettiest sight in the world, yet that will certainly lock the pickle flavor into the chicken for sure.

If you"re a bit more adventurous, try the "from scratch" brine. The basic is a simple pickle brine — fifty percent cup each of to apologize cider vinegar and also water, and to that include a half tablespoon each of onion powder, garlic powder, and also smoked paprika. Climate comes the things that make this undecidedly not a pickle brine: a 4 minutes 1 cup of orange juice, and also a tablespoon of grape juice, along with a 4 minutes 1 cup the chicken stock. Complete that off through a tablespoon of molasses and also salt each, and also we just developed something kinda crazy that just could work. The chicken go in the brine because that a minimum of 4 hours.

Chick-fil-A provided iceberg lettuce till 2013, when they switched come a an ext nutritious environment-friendly leaf. The grilled chicken it s okay "green leaf lettuce" — and yes, that"s a thing. Take a look around at your regional supermarket in the veggie section and you"ll uncover it there.

Some restaurants choose telling friend what type of tomato castle use, some don"t. Chick-fil-A is in the don"t family. It"s large and round, therefore a beefsteak or vine-ripe will perform the trick. Just make sure the tomato is huge enough to cover most of the bun — friend should finish up v tomato in just about every bite the the grilled sandwich.

If you can discover a multi-grain bun, favor Chick-fil-A uses, you"re better than me. Ns looked high and low and nigh a multi-grain bun appeared. You can substitute in a wheat roll below — the won"t be the same, however beggars can"t it is in choosers.

You don"t have to fire increase the grill to do this — giving you have a grill pan. If friend don"t have one and also grilling is not an option, just live with the truth that you won"t have those cool sear marks on the last product. It"ll still taste great, ns promise.

We require a pretty hot grill pan to get the product we want — about 425 degrees, or medium-high setting on your oven top. It"s hot, yet we"re cooking quickly so it"ll be fine.

Drop a tiny oil onto the grill pan. I"m using flavorless safflower oil, because I don"t require any additional tastes in there as well as the marinade, and safflower oil is good in high heat. Location your chicken ~ above the cook oil and also let it chef for around three minutes. It"s walking to be hot and also make a lot of of vapor and noise — it"s an alleged to.

Are you worried the chicken won"t have those awesome sear marks? just take a tiny saucepan and put the on top of the chicken. Friend don"t need to press under hard, yet that will certainly assure that you"ll acquire some pro-style sear marks. About 10-20 secs of pressure will perform the cheat here.

After three minutes, offer the chicken a flip. Wow, look at those sear marks! it worked! We"re shooting for an additional three minute chef here.

The chicken upper and lower reversal is the perfect time to begin toasting the buns. We"re walk to put this in a pan set on low for three minutes. That"ll obtain us the fresh we desire for the bun.

If we timed this correctly, the buns must be done together the chicken finishes up. The construct is reasonably straightforward. To your toasted bun, add a piece of lettuce on the bottom, through two thinly sliced tomatoes on top — come cover the entire bun. Placed the grilled chicken on height of that, and also throw on the height bun. Simple, yet tasty.

You"re not eating any kind of Chick-fil-A there is no sauce. You"re simply not. The Chick-fil-A family of sauces is amazing, and also we require one of these to complement the grilled chicken. We could do a CFA sauce, however the idea that the grilled chicken is that it"s healthy, clocking in at about 310 calories. If us piled on a Chick-fil-A sauce, in ~ a lining 140 calorie a serving, we"re beating the purpose. We require a lighter sauce that"ll work-related well through the grilled chicken.

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Chick-fil-A presented Sweet Sriracha in 2015. It"s the perfect mix of heat and sweet to make it irresistible, amazingly simple to replicate — and it"s only 45 calorie a serving! In a bowl, combine a 4 minutes 1 cup that water, a tablespoon that rice wine vinegar, and a half tablespoon every of onion powder, garlic powder, ground ginger, and also sugar; and also a half tablespoon each of soybean beans sauce and also Tabasco sauce. The official recipe calls because that red pepper, and also the Tabasco will provide that heat. Because that the Sriracha, add two tablespoons that garlic chili powder.

Ideally, sauce come with each other a little far better with heat, so put all that in a tiny saucepan and heat at low for a few minutes, and also then add 1 ½ tablespoons that cornstarch. That"ll obtain this to tighten up. Plop that in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to cool it down, and also you have actually a sauce the tastes exactly prefer the one native Chick-fil-A.

So this is the chicken we soaked in our from-scratch marinade, served with ours handmade sauce. The Sweet Sriracha has actually quite a absent to it, and so go this sauce. The color is off, that"s because that sure. There space two things I learned: Yes, the tastes similar to it, and also yes, that"s crazy hot. Let"s just say some tasters to be not ready for the spice the sauce brings. However if you favor it hot, this sauce is boss.

This is the one us soaked in just pickle juice. It sure looks pretty. The chicken watch bright and white, and when it sits on the bun prefer that the entirety thing looks favor it just came out of a Chick-fil-A box.But how"s the flavor?

So, in between the two, i beg your pardon one is actually the means to do it? Chick-fill-A doesn"t usage pickle juice; that"s for sure. The pickle odor is almost overwhelming; it"s an extremely tasty, and there"s naught wrong through using pickle juice together a chicken brine, yet it doesn"t taste like Chick-fil-A; that tastes choose a Vlasic. The homemade marinade... Wow! that worked! I had actually to do a couple of adjustments to acquire the flavor right; the crucial is managing the grape juice, which can overwhelm the chicken if you"re no careful, yet the kick that Chick-fil-A has to their grilled chicken is the OJ. This is supervisor close come the grilled chicken native Chick-fil-A. You"ll be tough pressed to uncover one out there that tastes this close.

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The steps may seem daunting, however making Chick-fil-A"s grilled chicken is pretty simple and fairly delicious. So have the right to you make it? You gambling you can!