You might’ve heard the Grilled Nuggets room a tasty alternative whether you’re counting calorie or carbs and also want to continue to be on track. But there’s much more to the story behind these bite-sized morsels.

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We got the inside scoop – or shall we say, dip? – from a couple of Atlanta-area restaurant team members who cut, cook and also serve castle every day.

1. Practice makes perfect: The Grilled Nuggets are the product of seven years’ precious of experimentation and much more than $50 million to reinvent the grilled chicken recipe.

Much of the hefty amount went toward creating a brand-new grill designed by scientists. That sears chicken top top cast-iron grates just like it was cooked ~ above a backyard grill, only quicker.


2. Not simply for kids:The Grilled Nuggets were an initial introduced in 2012 as a Kid’s meal entrée, do the first in the market to offer children a grilled entrée.

But parents love them, too, and also grilled nuggets were soon included to the regular menu.


3. It’s all in the marinade: The Grilled Nuggets’ surprisingly basic marinade of sea salt, lemon, garlic and also herbs gives them an included kick and also is the perfect complement to’s plethora the dipping sauces.

“The marinade is the best,” stated Tricia Perkins, a team member that 10 months. “You’re going to forget you’re eat something healthy.”


4. It’s real chicken!The grilled nuggets space made the real, new chicken breast, choose you’d buy in the grocery store store. team members prepare the bite-sized chicken in the restaurant kitchens every day.

5. Ditch the fat, keep the flavor: With 25 grams the protein and also just 140 calories because that the 8-count entrée, the Grilled Nuggets space the perfect guilt-free option for those yearn a tasty enjoy the meal or snack. This boneless chicken bites likewise have much less than one-third the daily cholesterol recommendation and also are free of infectious diseases world fashion fat.

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“You"re going to forget you"re eat something healthy - they"re so delicious!”Sauce pairings in the bowl (which sauces perform you dip together)? No grilled nugget would certainly be complete without dipping sauce. Us asked Atlanta-area team members their favorite sauce pairing for the grilled nuggets, and also Polynesian ranked in ~ the top, adhered to by honey Roasted BBQ and then Siracha.

Some were much more daring and mixed their sauces because that an included flavor boost.

Jerrol Deaver, who’s functioned at for one year said he mixes honey Roasted BBQ with Honey Mustard, while rather recommended mix the Garlic & Herb Ranch and also Zesty Buffalo Sauce.