So because of my age, recognize a job everywhere besides food is exceptionally difficult. In spite of this though, I'm tho looking however then thought about ChickFilA. I've only ever had a project at McDonalds that I operated for 4-5 months-ish, yet left since of how stressful it to be (bad environment and also school). For this reason I'm curious regarding whether it's more or less the same at ChickFilA. I understand the endure would differ from ar to place, but I'd choose to know what the in its entirety experience is and whether or no I should give it a shot. Likewise if you perform reccomend it, I'd evaluate if someone can show me whereby to apply because they're website doesn't it seems to be ~ to display me. Thanks!


Most Chick-Fil-As hire beginning at 16, and also typically they'll be just as busy as your local McDonald's - unless management was the problem, that will most likely be similarly stressful.

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I worked at CFA at 15! ns still job-related there almost a year and a half later.

Typically pretty great, albeit not for everyone. I highly recommend providing it a try

Make sure you space hired in ~ a store with a solid management team. The management deserve to either make or break her employment experience.

You would must go in person and also all because that an application. However, CFA is a really great job because that a young person, yet be prepared for several of the busiest work you've ever before seen. We get incredibly busy and also it comes the end of no where. World that previously operated at other fast food restaurants speak they deserve to handle "busy" before they start end up being side-lined by how much busier us are.

I began at 15. 5 years later and I’m quiet employed there. The a yes, really great an initial job! taught me a lot.

All fast food is generally around the very same amount of anxiety no issue where you work. However, in ~ my location, monitoring is really accommodating to any type of issues.

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My CFA rental 15 year olds however they’re limited as to what they have the right to do. No box cutters, ladders, probably a couple of other things.

Just found this sub! I operated at a CFA for 3.5 years. I was hired roughly 15/16. Absolutely stressful (have you watched the lunch rush journey thru line?!?) but fun. I worked with great people (and really diverse people). And of course the complimentary food is a good perk... Never acquired sick of that in all the year i worked there. And also of course together a teens never acquired weight :P I’d walk for it!

I started as soon as I was 16, so ns can't offer an overly certain answer to your particular situation, but I deserve to say it's one alright place to start out together a teenager. They've operated with me ~ above my distinctive needs together a homeschool student and also the management and also owner himself have been personally invest in my success. I'd to speak if the administration seems decent, walk for it!

I began to job-related at chick fil a once I was 14, and you get payed under minimum wage since it’s taken into consideration a “local business” which is a ridiculous excuse come underpay employees

I recognize my Chickfila particularly pays over minimum wage since of the requirements we hold comparatively to other fast food


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