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Happy Thanksgiving! because it’s 2020, you may be interested in a much more non-traditional Thanksgiving meal, consisting of to-go and eat-at-home options. But can you pick Chick-fil-A for your Thanksgiving meal? Is the store open or closed? Unfortunately, the answer is no, friend can’t eat in ~ Chick-fil-A today. The stores are closed.

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Chick-fil-A Is Not open up on Thanksgiving

Chick-fil-A has shared ~ above its website that every one of its stores will be closed on Thanksgiving 2020.

The website notes: “We’re acquisition time today to reflect ~ above what we’re thankful for – our family, friends, Team Members and also guests – and to reap our 2nd favorite bird. Also though we room closed throughout the holiday, you deserve to visit ourcatering web page for food selection items to serve as part of your celebration.”

Unfortunately, to take benefit of the catering options, you would have needed come order Chick-fil-A the day prior to Thanksgiving. Therefore that option isn’t accessible today either.

Chick-fil-A also noted:

We expect you join in ournew holiday traditionof sending messages that hope and also encouragement, particularly if you are spending the holidays personal from loved ones this year. Be certain to … to clock our brand-new holiday brief film and see how you have the right to share the gift that hope through those girlfriend love.

Chick-fil-A alternatives Today

But what space you walk to execute for Thanksgiving through Chick-fil-A closed? There space still many other options. For example, Whataburger is open up on Thanksgiving if over there is one in your region. And Cracker Barrel is open nationwide and also serving vacation meals because that those that don’t desire to chef at home. Together for Taco Bell, part stores might be open and also some stores may be closed. Other restaurants the are open include gold Corral through a Thanksgiving spread, Waffle House, some T.G.I. Friday’s locations with timeless turkey dinners, Tony Roma’s, Ruby Tuesday’s.

If it’s chicken that you’re desire today, part Popeyes areas (select restaurants) will have a “Churkey” enjoy the meal this year along with a Cajun-style turkey. So you deserve to still acquire in the chicken distribution if you’re wanting come order in.

Chick-fil-A on black color Friday

Chick-fil-A will certainly be open up for its constant hours on black color Friday, the job after Thanksgiving. You could be happy to understand that Chick-fil-A’s beloved Chicken Tortilla Soup is back. It just returned come the food selection in mid-November, for this reason take advantage of it prior to it’s gone again.

Other alternatives include her favorites, favor the Chicken Noodle Soup, the Waffle Potato Fries, the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich or the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the luxurious Sandwich or the Spicy luxurious Sandwich, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich or the Grilled Chicken club Sandwich, the Nuggets or the Chick-n-Strips, the Chick-fil-A Cool Wrap, or the super short calorie Grilled Nuggets. If you’re craving dessert, consider the brand-new Chocolate Fudge Brownie, the coco Chunk Cookie, or one of plenty of milkshake varieties, Frosted Lemonade, or Frosted Coffee.

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You can uncover hours, call information, and locations because that Chick-fil-A restaurants here. You have the right to put your location right into the find bar at the optimal of the company’s website.