Many fans of Chick-fil-A love the well-known chain not just for its an excellent customer service and also crispy chicken, however for that is tasty and also refreshing seasonal drinks. Among their most renowned beverages, a mix of your lemonade and sweet tea, has just gotten a name makeover. The chain has just announced the drink will currently officially be referred to as a Sunjoy.

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While many civilization unofficially described it as an Arnold Palmer, the standard drink that is made v iced tea and also lemonade may likewise refer come a beverage that consists of unsweetened iced tea. Chick-fil-A"s brand Sunjoy only appears to refer to the chain"s blend of sweetened tea and also lemonade. Prior to the surname change, the drinks were simply dubbed Tea Lemonades (via The Chicken Wire). However, there to be still part confusion approximately what customers should call the drink once they inserted their order, with individuals something referring to it together a "half and also half," or bespeak a regular "Arnold Palmer" yet wanting their drink to be made with unsweetened tea, which at Chick-fil-A is sometimes referred to together a "Skinny Arnold," according to Reddit user u/narooskone.


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Hopefully, the beverage"s new name will certainly eliminate any kind of ordering man once and for all. The news that the name readjust has been turning heads online, and many Chick-fil-A fans and also workers seem come regard it as a an excellent thing. "They are branding it as an official menu item so that we can part it correctly, serve it consistently, and be maybe to do it in bulk," Reddit user u/ChrisRen796 suggested on Reddit. "It"s to create brand recognition. Choose "icedream,"" one more Reddit user agreed. 

A Chick-fil-A employee more elaborated ~ above the reasonable behind the surname change, explaining "employees space not an alleged to use the surname Arnold Palmer once referring come the beverage. It"s one off-menu drink that"s simple to key in to a register but not advertised. By proclaiming it v a CFA-branded name, they have the right to put it on the menu and also make more money by getting an ext people come order it."

There"s one point for sure: no matter what it"s called, numerous Chick-fil-A pan love the sweet, refreshing blend of tea and lemonade, for this reason it appears sure to continue to be a well-known item no issue what name is detailed on the menu.