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San Jose City council Pledges come Make new Airport Chick-fil-A The 'Gayest' One In The Country

San Jose"s mayor and also city the supervisory board dropped the round 13 months ago when they authorized a brand-new Chick-fil-A as part of the contract because that the concessionaire in ~ Mineta san Jose worldwide Airport. Currently they"re act their finest to consist of for it.

April 10, 2019

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Chicken Sandwich Emperor Still no Cool through Gay Marriage, Unfortunately

Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is in ~ it again, apparently. The man who love his mam so lot that he specialized his whole chicken sandwich empire to protecting the sanctity the his marital relationship went

June 27, 2013
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Local Chick-Fil-A Fanatics Camp the end Overnight For cost-free Chicken

With every the fervor the a new iPhone launch, hungry chicken fans no afraid the Chick-Fil-A"s homophobic stigma camped the end at the chain"s brand-new Walnut Creek location overnight last night in hopes of

November 08, 2012
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Chick-fil-A, Mitt Romney's wanted Eatery, additionally Coming come Novato

Marin independent reports: once a symbol of delicious however bad-for-you fried chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A has due to the fact that turned into a bastion of misguided dislike and, weird enough, a pop-up think tank for fundamentalist right-wingers

August 21, 2012
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Psycho Donuts creates Fruit Loop-Topped Chick-Fil-A Protest Donut

In response to the Chick-fil-A brouhaha (maybe you heard around it?), the harbingers that decency and also sweets, Psycho Donuts, have actually concocted their very own protest food. Behold, the gay Bar. Look in ~ it. No,

August 03, 2012
SF News

Nationwide Same-Sex Kiss-In Protest this particular day At Chick-Fil-A

Today at Chick-Fil-A stores throughout the country, same-sex couples room expected to turn out greatly to protest company president and COO Dan Cathy"s comments supporting "the biblical meaning of the household unit" — as

August 03, 2012
SF News

Chick-Fil-A Judgement day Ends with Accusations that Fascism, 'Christophobia,' Possible mind Damage

After yesterday"s Chick-Fil-A evaluation Day attracted hundreds the thousands of human being clogging drive-thrus and also arteries across the country, the media had a possibility to placed the whole conflict over Dan Cathy"s comment supporting

August 02, 2012
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America Comes the end For Chick-Fil-A, gay Bashing

Today, august 1st, clues America"s first-annual evaluation Day for Chick-Fil-A, as soon as failed presidential hopefuls stack Santorum and Mike Huckabee join along with other marriage equality-fearing americans to memory the chicken chain"s anti-gay rhetoric

August 01, 2012
SF News

God no Flacks? Chick-Fil-A Spokesman dies Of heart Attack

Donald Perry, Vice president of this firm Public connections for Chick-Fil-A, has actually reportedly passed away this morning in Georgia as result of a love attack. Chick-Fil-A, us assume anyone knows at this point, has actually been

July 27, 2012
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SF mayor Ed Lee come Out versus Chick-fil-A; SF Doesn't have actually Chick-fil-A

San Franciso mayor Pak guy came out versus notorious anti-gay rapid food chain Chick-fil-A ~ above Thursday afternoon via Twitter. And an excellent for him. The reportedly delicious fried chicken sandwich purveyors" unfortunate stance on

July 27, 2012
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Rick Santorum diffusion Chick-Fil-A Love with Subtle happy Bashing

Former GOP presidential candidate stack Santorum wormed his way back into the news the only way he knows how: through confusion and hate. After ~ this week"s news that the Jim Henson firm parted

July 25, 2012
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Anti-Gay Chick Fil-A Looking towards Santa Rosa Spot

Noted chicken sandwich makers and anti-gay coporation, group Chick Fil-A desires to open up a spot increase in the north Bay. Follow to grub Street, "A rep at gay-averse chain Chick Fil-A claims that they

December 22, 2011
SF Restaurants, Food & Drink

San Jose to acquire Bay Area's an initial Soon-to-be-Picketed Chick-Fil-A Restaurant

Start paint those protest signs and reserving your ZipCars now: a tipster has actually let us know that the forthcoming 40-acre retail town called
SF Restaurants, Food & Drink

Chick-fil-A opened In san Francisco/Bay Area?

Chick-fil-A, a Georgia-based rapid food chain listed for their fried chicken sandwiches and anti-civil civil liberties philosophy, could open shop in or near San Francisco. Gulp. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chick-fil-A plans to

February 22, 2011

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