CAPITAL an ar — Atlanta-based fast-food chain Chick-fil-A has been popping up anywhere Western and Upstate new York in recent years. By following year, the Capital an ar could have two new locations.

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Chick-fil-A has submitted plans come the city of Colonie and the city of Clifton Park to open up 5,000 sq. Ft. Drive-thru locations. The chain wants to redevelop the website of a former Pier 1 Imports in ~ 304 Clifton Park Center and also the previous Brick home Tavern + Tap in ~ 579 troy Schenectady roadway in Latham. They plan to lease the 1.5-acre residential property in Clifton Park indigenous CCM Pad partner LLC, an affiliate that Myron M. Hunt, and also the 2.5-acre home in Colonie with the Latham ranches retail plaza. Every according come plans filed v the corresponding towns.

“The town of Clifton Park is pleased to welcome Chick-fil-A, one more national brand come our leave 9 commerce Area,” claimed Clifton Park city Supervisor, Phil Barrett. “We suppose the planning procedure to continue over the following 60-90 days and the restaurant being open for service in 2022. The time and also hard work-related we have invested to revitalize exit 9, because I started my tenure as town Supervisor, has been a successful initiative with very important fiscal ramifications for Clifton Park residents and businesses.”


Bohler engineering out that Albany is representing the company with both planning plank applications. The Colonie project will it is in reviewed by the town’s planning board on Sept. 7, and also the Clifton Park project will it is in reviewed by the town’s planning plank on Sept. 14.

Sean M. Maguire, manager of Planning and also Economic advance for the town of Colonie, detailed a much more detailed look at what their planning procedure will watch like. The very first step is to testimonial the sketch setup submission indigenous Chick-fil-A and administer the chain v feedback and technical comment from assorted town departments meant to be associated in the project need to it advance. Chick-fil-A would then send an application for a concept setup to be accepted, and then a final arrangement as well.

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“The town of Colonie is constantly glad to understand that businesses select to situate here. Us have great location in the Capital region – truly located at the facility of everything,” said Maguire. “We’re particularly happy to view existing web page reused and also redeveloped – that is a smart point to do.”

If the projects are approved, building and construction of the restaurants space expected to take 6 months. Chick-fil-A has much more than 2,600 locations throughout the country, through close to 30 locations across brand-new York State. The just Chick-fil-A ar in the Capital region as of currently is past the protection checkpoint at the Albany international Airport.

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