Chick-Fil-A is earlier with modification plans for a restaurant in north Buffalo’s Delaware customer Square. The chain’s vault plans for the site previously this year to be tabled end layout, automobile queuing length, and also design issues.

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The applicant is proposing come redevelop the site and also construct a brand-new ±5,400 SF quick-serve restaurant through a drive thru and also outdoor patio dining. It would certainly be developed on a 1.8-acre section of the plaza now inhabited by a 9,600 sq.ft. Out-building that would certainly be demolished. Of the 3 existing tenants, Rainbow Apparel’s lease expired, Moe’s Southwest Grill will relocate in ~ the plaza, and Gamestop is relocating come Delaware Avenue north of Hinman Avenue.

Old Design
Revised Design

From the job application:

The applicant is proposing come redevelop the site and construct a brand-new ±5,400 SF quick-serve restaurant with a journey thru and also outdoor patio dining. The site lies in ~ the “D-S strip retail” zoning district where restaurant through drive thru usage is allowed, and outdoor ding is an enabled accessory use, both topic to Site plan Review by the City plan Board. Carports (Drive Thru Canopies) are likewise permitted accessory frameworks subject come Site arrangement Review. No area variances room anticipated come be compelled for this job per the fastened City of Buffalo GC allow Application received from the City. The subject website is surrounding by various other commercial uses and also the proposed usage is in harmony through the neighborhood. In addition to the restaurant, new parking, lighting, curbing, utilities, and also other appurtenances room proposed as illustrated on the accompanying Site breakthrough Plans prepared by Bohler Engineering, dated June 30, 2021.

Site plan – April
Revised site Plan

The restaurant has been change to former Hinman Avenue, seating and also bike parking have actually been added, and also the façade has windows along its complete length. The layout of the journey through, site plan, and also the double stacking drive v lanes space designed to minimize the traffic concerns faced at various other locations.

Plans will be the review by the Planning plank on Monday.

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