With summer nearly here, friend won"t need to wait much longer for Chick-fil-A"s lover peach milkshakes come be ago on the menu.

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Chick-fil-A freshly announced in a press release the its peach milkshake will certainly be available at all locations start May 27. The summer-time only menu item features Chick-fil-A"s own vanilla ice cream cream mixed with new peaches.

While the milkshake is hugely popular, it"ll only be easily accessible during the summer month of May, June, July and also August.

For much more information, visit the Chick-fil-A website.

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We all love life in The South, right? yet just because you love other doesn"t make it perfect.

Let"s confront it. There space a lot of of good things about living in the South, yet there"s additionally a most not-so-great things around living in the South, apparently.

That"s what we determined after asking our readers on the It"s a southerly Thing Facebook page to tell united state what southern experiences they think room overrated. We got more than 13,000 replies, and all we have to say is don"t shooting the messenger, y"all.

Also, if you view something you love about life in the south on this list, don"t take it it personally. Different strokes for various folks, girlfriend know?


(Mobile Press-Register)

"Books prefer to make it sound all sultry and also exotic, but really it"s humid and sweaty and makes everyone grumpy." -- Jennifer Donehue

Boiled peanuts

"They room a special type of nasty!" -- Kim McGinley Adam

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Front porch sittin'


"While nice and enjoyable to be roughly family and friends, the bugs additionally like to visit, and also it"s hot." -- Amanda Nobles

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Visiting swamps and other wetlands

"Yes, lock are full of pets you will view nowhere else. However, we space all grateful that the alligators, water snakes and out-of-control swarms the mosquitoes and also gnats mainly stay in those areas." -- sarah Hendrix Chumley

Waffle House

Waffle House(Photo through Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

"I dislike to speak it but, if you go at the dorn time, oh boy." -- crystal Grizzard Burnette

Gatlinburg, Tenn.

"It"s the PCB of the mountains. It has actually lost most every one of its authenticity." -- Krisha Whiting

Shrimp and also grits

(Tamika Moore)

"It"s no that that is bad, it"s just that we do other things better." -- Patti Akins Huggins

The Varsity

"It was the greasiest, nastiest food we have ever tasted!" -- CraigGeorge Murphy Sr.


(Julie Bennett)

"I"ve never construed the fascination through it." -- Nikki san Souci Robbins

Sweet tea


"Y"all I acquire it. It"s a staple, yet it take it me years to prefer it and also even currently I sip it favor a dessert. I have lived right here for much more than half my life. It"s just overrated." -- Stacy Tanner

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Any kind of greens

"You can"t put enough bacon in lock to cause me to favor them, yuck!" -- Cindy Lee Sparks

The southerly goodbye

"It"s late, I"m tired and we have been saying goodbye for half an hour already." -- BradMelody Young

Myrtle Beach

"It"s just an over-crowded traveler trap." -- Cody Nesbitt


"It is still also hot, and those cute boots and also cardigans room not going come work." -- Omi Gail-May


CicadaBen Raines/Press-Register

​"Everywhere you read around them from non-southerners, it"s like this entirety romantic atmosphere thing, but no. It"s deafening. I"ve heard them end diesel engines and ambulance sirens. The things room absolutely overrated and also absolutely execute not work for the ambiance non-southern authors attempt." -- Arrick Birdwell


​"Those dang leaves! girlfriend can"t rake them. Girlfriend can"t blow them away, and also they never ever rot. Then there space those hat that fall off everywhere when the flower dies. Not worth the mess." -- Aislinn Campbell


(Tamika Moore)

"I was cured the summer my Grandma made me aid her deserve to the stuff. It"s hairy and slimy and no quantity of cornmeal coating deserve to make me forget that." -- Kim McGinley Adam

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Dressing up for football games

"Can"t y"all simply dress comfortable in common shoes rather of heels?" -- Rebecca Fayard Lacey


"As lot fun as it sounds to it is provided all her friends, family, neighbors and also church with tomatoes, gardening quits being funny pretty quickly." -- Michael Neason

Moon Pies

Moon Pie

(AL.com photo)

"Sorry, but they are dry and lackluster. It"s choose eating dirt." -- Walter together Taylor


"It"s itchy and also everyone is sneezing!" -- Melissa Heap

Biscuits and also gravy

(Matt Wake)

"It looks like something mine dog threw up!" -- Gail together Kofkee

Eastern phibìc Carolina-style barbecue

"The chopped pork is fine, yet the vinegar "sauce" is gross. And also coleslaw is no a sandwich topping." -- Gene Chianelli

White barbecue sauce

"It"s just watered under mayo. Provide me a tomato-based sauce any kind of day." -- Don Fewell Photo

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Tomato sandwich

Tomato SandwichAL.com document Photo

"I can"t stand them, and it makes me sick just thinking around them. I recognize I"m no the just one that feels that way." -- Jim Holcombe

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"Every town along the river is "The Catfish Capital," yet they all come from the exact same river and also are battered and also fried almost the exact same way." -- Sunshine Heiland


"It"s a bunch the high-speed left turns. Compared to the glory the is college football, stock car racing is boring." -- Brett McArdle

The Kentucky Derby

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

"It"s method overpriced and also too crowded! no worth it." -- pagan N Branden Thomas


"I don"t view the very nice of sit in a hot rubber tube. I choose the floating under the river part but, I can do that in a watercraft or a canoe." -- Becky Barlow

Moving far from the South


"Nothing beats down-home southern living." -- Cristi Thompson Tillis

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